Carl’s Jr. Pitches Billion-Dollar Ideas (and Itself) to Amazon


Carl's Jr. sell your company to Amazon

When we interviewed Carl’s Jr. Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Jenkins last week, we had no idea of the stunt (or is it?) that was just around the corner. On Monday, Oct. 10, the irreverent restaurant brand tweeted a series of billion-dollar ideas to Amazon (and founder Jeff Bezos) with the hashtag: #AmazonBuyUs.

Amazon, of course, is now in the restaurant business in the U.S., and will deliver food from chain restaurants such as Applebee’s, Sweetgreen, Shake Shack, Chili’s and Red Robin. The service, called Amazon Restaurants, is available to Amazon Prime customers.

“This is about generating a conversation around a partnership,” Jenkins, CMO of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, told USA Today. “The tweets are obviously a start to try and see where the dialogue goes (and) have a lot of fun with it, and see if they find the spirit of it as fun as we do.”

“We’ve got to be impossible to ignore,” Jenkins added. “Both Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s have a history of provocative advertising. The question is how do you modernize that.”

Beyond the initial 24 hours of suggestions, the Carl’s Jr. Twitter account will continue tweeting ideas at Amazon all week.
The first 24 hours certainly made for entertaining reading:

1/An alarming idea:

2/Amazon Dash button good enough to eat:

3/Self-driving restaurant:


5/For Jeff Bezos to sip in space:

6/A cloud-based restaurant:

7/Amazon bought Whole Foods Market; why not Carl’s Jr?

8/From a prime cut to Amazon Prime, membership has its privileges:

9/A book to post on Amazon:

10/Meal kits:

11/An original series for those who love spies fries:

12/ “The Fryer Stick”

13/Finally, a lunch registry:

14/Eat to the beat:

15/Another original programming idea:

16/Free parking for Jeff Bezos (with unlimited free refills):

17/ An e(at)-reader:

18/VR dining:

19/Where to locate Amazon’s next HQ:

20/Alexa orders lunch:

21/Alexa is hired:

22/Another original series idea: “It Just Got Meal”

23/Scented packing tape

24/A new spin on ‘meals on wheels’ —