Eggo Heats Up ‘Stranger Things’ Return to Netflix


Stranger Things - Eleven Eggo Netflix

As fans of the Netflix series Stranger Things will know, the character of Eleven survives on not much more than Kellogg’s Eggo frozen waffles in season one. So as the hit series is about to unveil Season No. 2 at the end of this month, naturally Kellogg is trying to take full advantage—just as Hasbro unveils a game that celebrates its cameo in the series.

Hasbro x Eggo Stranger Things

In Stranger Things, Eleven is a young girl who’s been brainwashed by a mad scientist who’s dabbling in alien intelligence. When she escapes his clutches, Eleven is found by a group of kids on their bikes, and as they try to decide exactly how to help her out and who they can trust, Eleven survives on Eggos that the boys sneak from a parents’ refrigerator.

Now, in addition to being a hit Halloween costume, “Eleven’s favorite food is ready for the new season.”

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Kellogg isn’t missing a trick as it tries to leverage Eleven’s identification with Eggos. There is a custom toaster emblazoned with a Stranger Things-themed quote, which the brand sent to select media and “super fans.” There’s an appropriately spookily-decorated Eggo food truck at the red carpet Season No. 2 premiere.

Eggo created custom recipes for a nine-course waffle menu for Stranger Things viewing parties (will they throw waffles at the TV screen a la “toast” at The Rocky Horror Picture Show?) to correspond with the nine episodes in Season 2. The brand even created a spoiler blocker, “L’Eggo my Spoiler,” for show fans to avoid any troublesome internet gossip.

As Eleven moves into the “mainstream” of life in the town that remains troubled by alien presence, her diet has broadened. But for sure she still won’t “l’Eggo” her Eggos.