How DSW Aims to Be Music to Customers’ Feet



DSW’s new campaign is about female empowerment and individual self-expression. Featuring the song “Most Girls” by Hailee Steinfeld, “My Shoes, My Way” will run through the end of the year.

“Our new campaign is designed to celebrate how different women wear shoes in their own way,” DSW CMO Amy Stevenson told brandchannel. “Working with our agency, Translation, and our talented female-led creative team, as well as the inspiring women who star in the spot, we created a campaign that we believe brings to life Hailee Steinfeld’s lyrics, ‘Most girls are smart and strong and beautiful.'”

The spot used a variety of strong, confident women, helmed by Director Rachel McDonald and Director of Photography Rachel Morrison. Shot on location in New Orleans, the cast are local women and girls, including a lead ballerina, a couple and students at the Sophie B. Wright Charter School, which also served as one of the shoot location vignettes.

DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse offers thousands of shoes for women and men in over 500 stores nationwide, along with handbags and accessories. Celebrating footwear and freedom. it’s a bonanza for every pair of feet. The message: “Your shoes, your style, your rules. Discover how you can do YOU with DSW! You’ve got your own special something! Find the style that screams YOU at DSW.”

DSW’s mission is consistently strong-woman centric and the brand’s values are passion, accountability, collaboration and humility—and in keeping with the new campaign, the sentiment that “We connect to customers by being music to their feet.”

The brand can be playful, too—witness “You Make Me Feel Like Dancing!”

The Columbus, Ohio-based retailer is also looking for ways to enhance its retail customer experience—and its retail innovations are helping make its hometown “Test Market USA.”

It’s opening a W Nail Bar at its 1200 Polaris Parkway store in Columbus, Ohio—a 2,000-square-foot, full-service manicure and pedicure salon that represents the spirit of the brand’s push into new initiatives. After all, who doesn’t want a pedicure to make a new pair of shoes sing?

“The customer is looking for unique and engaging experiences in their shopping journey and nail bar services are a natural fit for the DSW customer who is looking to build a polished look from the shoes up,” said Chief Commercial Officer Simon Nankervis.

“We are excited about this partnership with W Nail Bar. Not only have they developed a true cult following in Columbus, they’re also kindred in their belief that we all have a unique self to express, whether through really cool shoes or really cool nail art.”

DSW customers earn loyalty points from the nail services toward shoe purchases—a nice incentive for its 25 million loyalty members.

In fact, 1200 Polaris Parkway is seen as DSW’s Store of the Future — its innovation lab to test new ideas, from layout and fixtures to new technologies to new services such as shoe rental and shoe storage. An app will direct customers directly to the shoes they want in the store and allow self-checkout on their own phones, while shoe rental, shoe storage and shoe repair will be tested.


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