StyleHaul: Five Influencer Marketing Lessons For Brands


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StyleHaul, an influencer marketing and research agency based in Los Angeles with offices around the world, matches and tracks influencers and  brands in the fashion/style space.

Founded with the vision of translating the fashion and beauty editorial space to digital, social and multi-platform content, StyleHaul is owned by RTL Group, Europe’s largest broadcast network. Its global reach—more than 6,000 creators driving more than 1.5 billion impressions per month—is centered around an online platform and community for fashion, beauty and lifestyle content.  So they know a thing or two about influencer marketing.

Cue StyleHaul’s new study, “The Value of Community for Influencer Campaigns,” which studied how its brand partners and influencers are driving social conversation by leveraging communities and data to find out what’s working (and not).

Five key highlights of the study:

1. Choose an influencer whose audience is already talking about your brand. It’s the influencer’s audience, not the influencer herself (or himself), that makes the largest impact on the success of a campaign. The more closely connected the influencer’s followers are to the brand, the more successful the campaign and posts will be—a phenomenon it calls Brand Centrality.

2. When choosing multiple creators for a campaign, pick creators/influencers that are closely connected to one another. Campaign results doubled when using creator connectivity—referred to in the study as “Creator Centrality”—as a measurement tool.

3. The image used for a social post within a campaign is important, but so is the caption. StyleHaul found that when an influencer posted branded content for a campaign and the caption wasn’t “well-done,” the results weren’t as impactful as when the caption of the post was as creative as the accompanying image.

4. When picking an influencer for a branded campaign, the age of the influencer’s audience is key. Campaigns had less impact when brands chose a creator whose age was the key demo of the brand. The takeaway: brands should choose a creator with an age-appropriate audience, not an age-appropriate creator.

5. The face shape of a creator can have an impact on your brand campaign. In the study, StyleHaul found (curiously) that the shape of an influencer or YouTube Creator’s face impacted the post’s performance more than any other facial characteristic measured.


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