Humana Sweetens #StartWithHealthy With Love Notes


Humana - Love Notes

The latest installment in Humana’s “Start with Healthy” campaign tugs at heart strings by delivering “Love Notes”:

The film, by BBDO New York, underscores the unique approach Humana is charting in the health insurance field. Humana launched “Start With Healthy” in April 2016 to highlight the brand’s commitment to helping seniors improve their health with these spots:

The message by Humana (which tried to merge with Aetna this past year) to its core demographic of middle-aged and older Americans (boomers and retirees to senior citizens): “Great things are ahead of you when your health is ready for them.”

The inspiration came from the fact that most retirees want to stay active and influential in life—to grow, and not fade; and stay relevant, useful and engaged. But the broader intent is to #StartWithHealthy – and stay there.

One example is Derek Mitchell. His weight hit 625 pounds, and in 2015 he made a goal of running one 5K a month as a way to get healthy. One year later, his story is inspiring others as it transformed his own life:

Last year, Humana checked in with Mitchell again:

For 50 years, Humana has been committed to service, health and wellness. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, the company innovates with its business practices, decision-making and people-engagement, from seniors to military members and self-employed individuals.

“I didn’t realize the wisdom of not calling my position the CMO, until I got here,” Jody Bilney, Chief Consumer Officer of Humana, told Forbes. “In regulated industries, marketing has historically been conceived of as marketing communications. Because marketing is a function and the consumer is central to our strategic shift, if we had called the position CMO—instead of CCO—it would have narrowed the field upon which we play.”

“The consumer is at the heart of the strategy. This difference in the title enables us to be everywhere—whether it is a financial, product, or clinical discussion—and more engaged in strategic decision making. Because we are now the voice of the consumer, we can go anywhere, and legitimately be in on any conversation.”