Fitbit Stories: Featuring Real Users, Real Breakthroughs



Fitbit has launched a new campaign and purpose-drive direction for the brand and its community, called “Find Your Reason.” The fitness-tracking brand’s mission is “to keep you on your path so you can live for your reason, whatever it may be.”

The goal of the storytelling-based campaign is to shift brand perception beyond step tracking and demonstrate global impact and purpose with real stories from real users. The “Find Your Reason” campaign was inspired by the global Fitbit community and celebrates the joy of achieving health and fitness milestones.

According to the brand, “We know that every user has their own reason and motivation for engaging with Fitbit and we wanted to share a handful of these in the users’ own words to inspire others. With one of the world’s largest social fitness networks, we often hear diverse personal stories from our users on social and email about the impact Fitbit has had on their lives, so we’re excited to share those awe-inspiring experiences and inspire the whole Fitbit community to share their reason too, whatever that may be.”

The users’ stories:

Sandile Makes No Excuses: After a motorcycle accident left him paralyzed from the chest down, Sandile lost the motivation to get back to working out. But new fitness partner, the Fitbit Charge 2, restored his motivation and inspired him to help others. In the gym, not every station is right for everyone, but Sandile used built-in interval training on the Fitbit Charge 2 to stay healthy and motivated.

Rachel Overcomes her Diagnosis: Type 2 Diabetes and a struggle to get pregnant motivated Rachel to make a change. She shed 79 pounds and transformed her life with the help of Fitbit. Calorie burn-tracking and food-logging features from Fitbit helped her to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Kiyoshi Finds His Breath: As a jazz musician, Kiyoshi constantly battles with the stress and anxiety of performing. He uses the heart rate data and breathing exercises on his Fitbit Charge 2 to confidently take the stage night after night:

Kai Finds Rest and Focus: As a coordinator for organ donations working all hours of the night, Kai’s demanding schedule left him drained with a lack of proper sleep. He used tracking data from his Fitbit tracker to get his sleeping habits and health back in tune:

Linnea Finds Balance: Battling stress at work and home, Linnea found relief through an active lifestyle, using Fitbit while training for competitive races in skiing, cycling, swimming and cross country running.