Healthcare For All: 5 Questions With dr.consulta CEO Thomaz Srougi


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Brazil is on the cusp of a healthcare crisis. 135 million people have limited or no access to health care and the public health system is constrained. 40% of patients feel health care services within the country are poor or very poor. Brazilian startup dr.consulta, a 2017 Interbrand Breakthrough Brand, aims to change that with its affordable, accessible and comprehensive health care clinics.

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Medicine has always been a part of founder and CEO Thomaz Srougi‘s life. His father was a doctor, and as a child, he saw first-hand the shortcomings of the public healthcare system and the struggles of people and familites to get access to quality care.

After learning that 100 million people are medically homeless in his home country, Srougi was inspired to come up with a solution to address Brazil’s healthcare crisis—a crisis that is only going to get worse. The country is aging faster than any other nation—in 30 years, the number of consumers aged 60+ will double.

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After studying abroad at Harvard University and the University of Chicago, Srougi returned to Brazil and opened the first dr.consulta clinic in São Matheus, one of São Paulo’s poorest neighborhoods, in 2011; today, there are 40 clinics across São Paulo. With the average visit lasting 56 minutes, the brand’s cutting-edge processes, technology (using AI and the cloud) and training methods are providing a valuable example for countries and communities facing similar healthcare challenges.

dr. consulta logo - BrazilAs Forbes notes, dr.consulta “employs 1,300 physicians who treat 100,000 patients each month. The healthcare provider relies on cloud applications to manage costs; swift and accurate diagnoses are made possible thanks to machine-learning algorithms that correlate clinical data, such as new drug therapies, with patient health conditions and treatment results.”

Find out more in Srougi’s conversation with Daniella Bianchi, Managing Director of Interbrand São Paulo, in the video below:

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