Brand News: 10 Things You Need to Know for Friday, November 17


Tesla Semi big rig electric truck

Tesla unveils, as expected, its “big rig” Semi electric truck and, unexpectedly, brings back its popular (and speedyroadster.

Amazon cuts prices on holiday items at Whole Foods Market , where it’s also opening in-store tech boutiques, and releases Relay app to help its truck drivers.

Apple and GoDaddy lose their first-ever VPs of diversity as HP launches “Proud Portraits” LGBTQ recruitment campaign.

AT&T is “going to the mat” to acquire Time Warner as the FCC loosens media ownership and plans to remove net neutrality rules.

Comcast reportedly vies with Verizon for Fox‘s “major assets.”

Mashable sold to Ziff Davis for $50 million.

NBC Universal axes Chiller horror channel, which launched on DIRECTV.

Olive Garden‘s “Never Ending Pasta Pass”-holders find kinship.

Victoria’s Secret worries Wall Street.


BostonDynamics wows with leaping Atlas robot:

McDonald’s UK releases #ReindeerReady holiday ad:

Spotify‘s latest campaign:

UberEATS launches in Australia:

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