Onward Branding: 5 Questions With OROS CEO Michael Markesbery


OROS Apparel

Using aerogel, the same NASA-insulation technology used in space shuttles, OROS makes outerwear that’s thinner, warmer and more flexible than just about anything else on the market.

As OROS (which means “mountain” in Greek) stated on its Kickstarter, its aim is to disrupt and redefine the technical apparel space with its Solarcore technology and growing line of jackets, fleeces, vests and accessories:

Science gets a bad rap. Many believe science can’t be sexy. Well, OROS thinks otherwise. We appreciate the flowing locks of Albert Einstein and find talks on epigenetics to be stimulating. We believe in challenging the status quo and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Using the same technology applied by the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) as insulation in their space suits, we made outerwear slimmer, warmer and sexier. Besides, it’s the 21st century. Aren’t we beyond wrapping ourselves in animal furs and goose feathers?

OROS co-founders

Now VC-funded, OROS expects to grow its business 250% this year, from $890,000 in sales in 2016. In addition to partnering with The Home Depot and Cabela’s, it’s found an enthusiastic market in Seoul, South Korea, and intends to keep growing.

Co-Founders Michael Markesbery (above left) and Rithvik Venna—just named to Forbes‘ 2018 30 Under 30 list—keep focused on growth with a mantra they call by its acronym, Onward: Original, No fear, We, Agile, Relentless and Do.

Jamey WagnerOROS CEO Michael Markesbery, Executive Creative Director of Interbrand’s Consumer & Retail Brand Experience team, sat down with OROS Co-Founder and CEO Markesbery at the recent Brandemonium conference in Cincinnati (where OROS is headquartered) to find out about the inspiration, vision and growth plans for the brand.

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