Porsche Is Bringing Augmented Reality to North American Dealers


2018 Porsche 911

As cars, especially luxury makes, get ever more complicated, the tools that service departments use to fix them get more sophisticated. The whole thing is sort of like a video game with very low levels of intensity but lots of actions and reactions—hopefully good ones from customers who want to see their preferred brands on the leading edge of tech innovation.

Augmented reality has emerged as an effective new tool for auto dealership service departments and manufacturer brands to use in making sure that demanding upscale customers get their cars fixed right the first time, and as quickly as possible.

Porsche Augmented Reality AR Tech Live Look

Porsche is the latest brand to introduce AR, announcing the introduction of “Tech Live Look,” a technology that’s designed to boost technical services at U.S. Porsche dealers by allowing technicians to connect with a remote support team in real time. It will roll out to North American dealerships next year.

“Our main goal is to provide a better overall experience for our customers,” stated Klaus Zellmer, president and CEO of Porsche Cars North America. “Tech Live Look allows us to be more efficient and helps get vehicles back in the hands of our customers faster, all while still delivering exceptional service quality.”

Porsche North America Augmented Reality

It combines software from Atheer Inc. and lightweight smart glasses that feature the latest in projection technology and come equipped with a high-resolution, auto-focus camera that shows fine details such as threading on screws. There’s even a powerful light on the glasses to illuminate dark spaces in the engine compartment or under the car.

The system works when a service technician connects through the software with the Porsche Cars of North America technical support team in Atlanta, giving the support team an exact view of the situation in real time to quickly resolve issues.

Based on findings of a pilot program in July at eight Porsche dealerships in California, the program decreased problem resolution time by an average of 40%. And with superior support comes stellar performance, like this: