From Sam Smith to Stevie: Enjoy 13 Years of Apple Holiday Ads


Apple 2017 holiday ad "Sway" featuring Sam Smith "Palace"

Apple has released its 2017 holiday ad — “Sway,” featuring airpods (which stay in place despite some impressive acrobatics), the iPhone X and Apple Music, via the song “Palace” by Sam Smith.

According to Forbes, the ad’s stars reflect Smith’s tune about real love: “The ad is danced by two New York-based dancers who met in an encounter almost as serendipitous as the collision in the ad. And they’re now married—Lauren Yatango-Grant and Christopher Grant met at an audition.”

Here’s a look back at the last few years of Apple holiday ads, including the “Get a Mac” era starring John Hodgman and Justin Long and a cameo by Stevie Wonder:

2016’s “Frankie’s Holiday” warmed hearts with a lonely-turned-festive Frankenstein:

2015 brought musical legend Stevie Wonder singing a duet of “Someday At Christmas” with Andra Day:

2014 inspired “The Song,” in which a teen used Apple devices to record a duet with an old recording by her grandmother:

2013’s “Misunderstood” saw another teen use Apple tech (his iPhone) to capture the holiday spirit in a stealth video with Cat Power’s cover of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”:

2012 covered another holiday classic as “I’ll Be Home” promoted the iPad and iPad Mini with a girl’s ukulele ditty for grandpa:

2011 promoted the iPhone 4S with “Siri Helps Santa”:

2010 featured the iPhone 4 in “Under the Covers” with the Nat King Cole holiday classic, “The Christmas Song”:

2009 plugged the iPhone 3GS with “12 Days of Christmas”:

2008 spoofed the “I’m a Mac” commercials with “Tree Trimming,” a Claymation spot featuring John Hodgman and Justin Long:

…which followed the opening video at MacWorld 2008:

2007’s “Get a Mac” also featured Claymation versions of Hodgman and Long:

2006 was brassier than today’s heartfelt ads, featuring a chorus line of products:

2005 was another product showcase, set to “Jingle Bell Rock”:

So was this year’s ad its most moving—and effective—yet?

Apple 2017 Holiday Christmas ad "Sway"


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