EVEN Hotels’ Holiday Message to Wellness Seekers: You’ve Got This



IHG’s EVEN Hotels, which was founded in 2012 with the claim of being the U.S. hotel industry’s first and only hotel brand designed with wellness at its core, is promoting Keep Your Good Thing Going, a new campaign using real hotel guests. The goal is to show how wellness-minded travelers can maintain healthy habits while on the road—a problem many people find—if they stay at an EVEN property.

“The concept of using real people and real stories as the centerpiece of the Keep Your Good Thing Going campaign came from the insight that consumers are inherently skeptical of any hotel brand that claims to help guests maintain their wellness routines,” Jason Moskal, Vice President, Brand Management, Lifestyle Brands, The Americas, IHG, tells brandchannel.

“Since the hallmark of the EVEN Hotels brand is exactly that ― empowering guests to maintain their wellness routines while on the road, on their terms—it was important for us to overcome this skepticism to show those who are used to making wellness compromises that EVEN Hotels truly delivers on this brand promise.”

IHG hosted a three-day online discussion board with 21 health enthusiasts and members of the IHG Travel and Hotel Advisors Community to provide feedback for travel and hotel surveys on a regular basis.

Travelers’ skepticism about being able to maintain a healthy lifestyle—keeping wellness and fitness goals while traveling—is “simply because they have never experienced this concept executed in a way that genuinely relieves the pain point,” Moskal adds.

“Only EVEN Hotels was designed with wellness at the heart of every part of the experience—and launched the wellness hotel category when it opened its first hotel in 2014. Thus, the new marketing campaign, Keep Your Good Thing Going, aims to build brand awareness among wellness-minded travelers to address this important consumer insight, and to clearly show consumers that keeping their regular wellness routines while traveling is possible with EVEN Hotels.”

Participants include Caroline Adams Miller, a mother, author (Getting Grit) and professor who spent productive weekends writing her latest book at EVEN Hotels; and James, a self-described “professional amateur” cyclist who biked from Brooklyn to Philadelphia and stayed at EVEN Hotels throughout.

The campaign is in keeping with EVEN’s social messaging about keeping your routine throughout the (tempting) holiday season.

“Each hotel helps guests keep active with in-room training zones, best-in-class athletic studios and staff-led fitness activities,” says Moskal. “EVEN Hotels also offers a signature sleep experience that includes eucalyptus fiber bedding and mood lighting to help guests relax. The hotels’ cafe, Cork & Kale, also offers a spectrum of menu items so that guests can mirror their typical eating habits while on the road. These are just a few examples of how wellness anchors every touch point of the guest experience at EVEN Hotels, allowing guests to keep their good thing going.”

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EVEN is being thoughtful about how to reach and engage the wellness-minded customer. “In addition to paid social amplification and display advertising, EVEN Hotels has partnered with Rodale to execute strategic targeting to reach potential EVEN Hotels guests via digital and mobile platforms,” Moskal says.

“The Rodale media will geo-target markets where EVEN Hotels are currently located, markets that are soon to open and in those that are preferred. The media will also be contextually targeted, serving consumers who are actively searching for health and wellness solutions while traveling.”

EVEN Hotels, a part of InterContinental Hotels Group, was founded in 2012 and has six current locations, three in NYC, one in Norwalk, CT, Rockville, MD, Omaha, NE and two additional locations opening soon in Sarasota, FL, and Eugene, OR.

See more of its wellness messaging below:

Get up, get going, and stay motivated with EVEN Hotels' state-of-the-art fitness facilities.

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