‘Connecting Aspirations’: Tata Motors Revs Up Corporate Brand Identity


Tata Motors Connecting Aspirations

Tata Motors already owns two of the world’s most admired automotive brands in Jaguar and Land Rover. But the Mumbai-based automotive giant wanted a corporate brand as well, so the company has announced its new brand identity as “Connecting Aspirations” across 46 markets internationally.

It’s a subsidiary of Tata Group, India’s $100 billion-plus conglomerate of leading industrial and tech companies spanning sectors including steel and IT services. Tata Motors, generating $42 billion in annual revenues, is a crucial part of the group. It hit the global map when it acquired Jaguar Land Rover from Ford in 2008.

The tagline of “Connecting Aspirations,” the company stated , “defines Tata Motors as a brand that intuitively understands people and imagines mobility in all its forms.”

Beyond being a tagline, it represents “the personality of the brand as an interconnected system of mobility solutions, that are intelligent, perceptive, warm and expressive. It’s a symbolic tagline that represents the company’s past, present and future. It is humble yet bold, a statement as well as a challenge.”

Tata Motors - Connecting Aspirations

The brand platform “will define the way Tata Motors communicates with its internal as well as external stakeholders, and work as an all-encompassing guiding principle across business units.”

Rudrarup Maitra, head of international business in commercial vehicles for Tata Motors, added that the new corporate brand identity involves a brand promise that “is visible and emotional” and expresses a company that “has repeatedly pioneered innovative mobility solutions.”

What’s more, the automaker elaborates in a blog post, “It is much larger and wider in terms of intent and interpretation—directed towards building the nation, developing smart cities, supporting and implementing government initiatives and delivering new technologies.”

In June 2016, the automaker announced its mission, vision and values, as Tata Motors CEO and Managing Director Guenter Butschek explained in a video:

MISSION: We innovate mobility solutions with passion to enhance quality of life.

VISION: We’ve envisioned our growth plan for the next 3 years, until 2019. We’ve set ambitious goals which could be attained if we truly optimize our capabilities & achieve the desired results, during each of the intermediate financial year. BY FY2019, Tata Motors will be amongst Top 3 in Global CV & Domestic PV Achieving Sustainable Financial Performance Delivering Exciting Innovations

VALUES: While the Tata Group values are deeply rooted in our culture, we’ve articulated our values to inherently achieve a desired business behavior in a demanding and competitive landscape: Integrity, Teamwork, Accountability, Customer Focus, Excellence, Speed.

The company’s purpose, values and mission is reflected in its storytelling. Case in point: ‘The real Yodhas of Nepal’ series promoting its workhorse model, the Yodha pick-up. The series features true inspirational stories of yodha (Vedic astrologers) whose “spirit of serving people” make them “a true Yodha—just like our latest offering, the Tata Yodha.”

Among other new vehicle highlights, Tata Motors just announced that the Tata Nano—once called the world’s cheapest car—is making a comeback, only this time as an electric vehicle.

The self-driving Tata Hexa concept has also conducted road tests in the UK. The largest autonomous and connected car trial ever held on the UK’s public roads took place in Coventry, testing the self-driving tech in real-life scenarios for the first time.


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