Brand Management Gets Its Own Comic Book


Building the Perfect Beast - branding comic book - Neil George

Move over, Justice League and Thor. The hit superhero tale of 2017 may be the muscle-bound manga tale of a handful of British branding executives, interns and their cutthroat boss.

Neil George - Building the Perfect Beast - branding comic book

Building the Perfect Beast bills itself as the “world’s first cult brand management comic” and there is no reason to doubt its claim—or its frothy tagline: “Enter the corporation. Exit your innocence.” It’s meant in good fun, with pointers and advice subtly sprinkled throughout.

Building the Perfect Beast – What Really Happens In Brand Management” is the brainchild of Neil George, the managing director of Nivea India, who found creative inspiration in his CPG saga.

Neil George - Building the Perfect Beast - branding comic book

The veteran brand manager and marketer originally planned to write a marketing book as a way to share his advice to up-and-comers. But then, he realized, “I couldn’t write for nuts.” So over the next seven years, his thoughts on branding took shap in the form of a manga comic book.

The result — more than 400 images and a cast of brawny and busty brand strategists and creatives competing in the sudsy world of shampoo. Well, sex sells, right? “It may seem glamorous from the outside, but there are undercurrents no one sees,” George told the Indian Express.

While George says the story is based on his experiences, the machine gun shootouts certainly dramatize and sex up the world of CPG branding.

Building the Perfect Beast has been especially popular in George’s native India, where the cinematic action has made it something of a hit beyond branding circles.

It’s worth noting that comic books have provided inspiration to agencies for a long time.

As for Perfect Beast, it comes in a Global Student Edition (146 pages) and a hardcover Deluxe Platinum Limited Edition (160 pages). It’s available on Amazon for anyone searching for the perfect gift for the brand marketer in their lives.

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