Brand News: 10 Things You Need to Know For Tuesday, December 12


Amazon Echo Spot

Amazon expands Alexa Echosystem with Echo Spot, available 12/19 for USD $130.

Audi drops plan to sell Ducati while Comcast drops bid for Fox assets, leaving Disney in pole position.

Coca-Cola introduces legal tender bottle cap coins.

Gawker alum launch Kickstarter campaign to relaunch site.

Google passes Facebook to become the top traffic referrer.

Lyft gives Uber competition in Canada as UK appeal looms.

Marriott invites hotel guests to get inspired in the shower:

MGM Resorts picks Las Vegas Aces as WNBA team name.

NFL and Verizon extend streaming deal in five-year agreement.

Private-label fashion, Bloomberg reports, is collectively beating name brands in the U.S., while Amazon is about to become the 2nd-biggest seller of apparel and footwear in the U.S.

Rolls-Royce launches R² Data Labs with AI capabilities:

Volvo finds Swedish families to test its autonomous cars:


GM toots its own horn with “We Have It All”:

Olay North America promotes #Ageless view of beauty:

Qualcomm doesn’t chicken away from innovation:

Sandy Hook Promise features original song by Sheryl Crow:

Teleflora builds a “Wall of Love” in Washington, D.C.

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