Uber Karaoke Offers a Safe Ride Home, Thanks to Absolut


Pernod Ricard Uber Karaoke Absolut

Pernod Ricard UK is launching its annual anti-drink driving campaign ahead of Christmas by celebrating one of the best moments of a night out—the journey home. And what better activity than backseat karaoke?

Absolut is fronting the digital campaign and partnering with Uber to target those most at risk – under 30 year olds — with an extension of its #AbsolutNights campaign.

A short video with the message, ‘Enjoy your journey home this Christmas. Don’t drink and drive.’ is being seeded on social media throughout the festive period, supported by Uber to encourage safe journeys home after an evening of imbibing.

The video, produced by BBH, captures joyful groups of friends and family being picked up and surprised by what they find in an Absolut-branded ‘Uber Karaoke.’