Accelerating Brand Love: 5 Questions With Kasia Leyden, Venmo


Venmo - Blank Me campaign

Kasia Leyden - Venmo and Braintree / PayPal global marketingInterbrand Chief Communications Officer Paola Norambuena caught up with Kasia Leyden, Senior Marketing Director for PayPal’s Venmo and Braintree brands.

In their conversation, they focused on the Venmo brand—how PayPal is accelerating brand love with Venmo‘s loyal fans and what keeps users from all walks of life not just engaged, but obsessed, with the brand.

Case in point: the new “Blank Me” campaign, which launched in October across social media to drive brand relevance and conversation around Venmo.

“Our brand is a reflection of our user,” says Leyden. “This campaign comes from that. At the core of our brand strategy is Venmo makes money fun. What other brand can take something so cold and hard and bring a smile and a wink to that occasion?

And as she commented in an interview at the Best Global Brands 2017 Summit in New York, “Did we invent P2P payments? No. Do we do it better, in a more engaging, social way? Absolutely.”

Find out how in the video below:

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