TicToc By Bloomberg: Streaming News Just for Twitter


Bloomberg TicToc

As the onomatopoeic name implies, TicToc is a new venture from Bloomberg and Twitter, a real-time, global 24/7 breaking news channel that’s designed for social media and Twitter’s mobile-first, news-hungry users.

“Breaking news and what’s happening now fits squarely into who we are, so we’re excited with the new approach and know that the content is going to be amazing and timely and relevant in real time. So this is a natural partnership for us and we’re really excited about it,” Twitter Chief Marketing Officer Leslie Berland told brandchannel.

“As for timing,” she added, “we wanted to build upon our marketing and framework, and also we know at the holiday time, people are getting new phones or they’re signing up for new services. So all of this came together in terms of timing.”

TicToc leverages Bloomberg’s 2,700 journalists—the biggest media pool of reporters and editors on the planet—and analysts across 120 countries, combined with Twitter’s digital immediacy and social reach. It not only reinforces Bloomberg’s authority as a media powerhouse but also Twitter’s as a platform in which to distribute and consume news—as it’s breaking, unfolding, through updating, analysis and debating.

Bloomberg TicToc 24/7 Twitter newsIt launched on Twitter on Monday morning with live video and reporting from around the world, breaking news, curated and verified by Bloomberg editors, and designed to be used on any device—but primarily within Twitter’s mobile app, one of the world’s fastest and primary news distribution channels

“We’re seeing a shift in the media landscape today: more content companies are partnering with platforms to create hybrid businesses that better serve consumers and society. With TicToc by Bloomberg, we’re fusing the best of Bloomberg and Twitter to build a fast and credible modern news experience,” said Bloomberg Media CEO Justin B. Smith in a press release.

“The launch of this new network further reinforces our strategy of driving innovation through exciting new products and services that touch a broad audience around the world.”

“It’s early days, but what makes TicToc by Bloomberg unique is that consumers will be able to watch live news and the conversation around it at the same time, all while a dedicated team of Bloomberg editors verifies the facts. We’re leveraging our journalism and data to reach and inform an intelligent audience on Twitter around the world,” added Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait.

“Twitter is where people go for breaking news, and now our global audience can turn to TicToc by Bloomberg at any time to see what’s happening in the world no matter where they are,” said Twitter COO Anthony Noto. “Combining the journalistic integrity of Bloomberg with the speed and global availability of Twitter makes this a collaboration we are really excited about.”

Users will have access to two types of news content refreshed hourly with video, data, and graphics:

Breaking News: TicToc by Bloomberg will cover global breaking news when consumers need it and when an event warrants it. Live coverage for key events will be presented alongside real-time distillation of the facts and Tweets about the event.

Global News Update: An hourly update of global news will be available in short, digestible clips, refreshed at the top of each hour. The segment will be comprised of top global news so that consumers are constantly up to speed on the stories that matter. Slightly longer clips will put the news into context, providing deeper analysis of the top news stories of the moment.

Top-of-the-hour news coverage is being updated from 6am to 10pm EST, expanding to 24 hours in early 2018, while weekend coverage will include regular news updates, prioritizing live breaking news events.

As for monetization, seven sponsors have signed on at launch: AT&T Business, CA Technologies, CME Group, Goldman Sachs, INFINITI, SAS and TD Ameritrade. TicToc by Bloomberg will feature branded native content and unique integrations woven into the video programming, created by Bloomberg in partnership with each sponsor.

As VentureBeat noted, “For the first time in several years, we can say without irony that Twitter appears to have a slight wind at its back. A little more than two years after Jack Dorsey returned as CEO, investors seem mildly content with progress and willing to give the company a second look. If the Bloomberg channel can at least demonstrate that new products can drive new revenue, Twitter may at last be on the path of convincing investors and users that it has at least found a way to be sustainable over the long-term.”

Where to find it: Follow @tictoc on Twitter to access the latest video news coverage and for the shareable clips of the top news of the hour. Consumers can also watch TicToc by Bloomberg via live.twitter.com/tictoc on desktop and mobile, and participate in the conversation by Tweeting with #tictocnews.

TicToc by Bloomberg is available in English at launch, and is free and accessible worldwide, to logged-in and logged-out users on Twitter. Bloomberg also live streams three of its daily Bloomberg Television programs on Twitter.