H&R Block Kicks Off New Jon Hamm Campaign


H&R Block - December 2017 - Jon Hamm ad

H&R Block announced Friday that it will kick off the 2018 tax season with a fresh take on its 2017 campaign, “Get Your Taxes Won.” The new campaign illustrates that the concept of winning at tax time is in finding all the credits and deductions taxpayers are entitled to for the best outcome.

H&R Block - Jon Hamm - Dust Bowl - Dec. 2017The campaign features the return of actor Jon Hamm as H&R Block’s spokesperson. Eight new broadcast spots were created that center on Hamm in a variety of behind-the-scenes scenarios on a film set.

“The Get Your Taxes Won campaign was overwhelmingly a fan favorite and one of our most successful national marketing and advertising campaigns,” said Kathy Collins, H&R Block’s chief marketing and strategy officer. “When we saw the early positive engagement and strong response from consumers we made the decision right away to co-create with Jon again and he was all in.”

H&R Block / IBM Watson“The 2018 campaign highlights the brand, its partnership with IBM Watson and a number of Tax Season products and programs,” Collins added. “We were able to have some fun with a somewhat serious topic and deliver the message that it really does matter how you do your taxes if you want the most money back, but in a lighthearted way.”

According to a press release, “H&R Block knows taxes can be stressful for some people and that consumers should trust that their filing will be right, no matter how they choose to file their taxes. With the most substantial changes to the tax code in 30 years pending to go into effect in 2018, consumers now more than ever will need to work with trusted advisors to understand how their personal tax situations will be affected. H&R Block tax pros help their clients navigate the changes to optimize their outcomes.”

H&R Block will be advertising the many ways we help taxpayers take advantage of every credit and deduction available to them. The campaign kicked off on December 4th with one spot, “Dust Bowl,” above, promoting the availability of H&R Block’s interest-free loan product, Refund Advance.

The message: “Starting in January, you could get a Refund Advance loan of up to $3,000 the same day you file at Block, with 0% interest. Optional loan from BofI Federal Bank, not your tax refund. To schedule an appointment or for more details, visit hrblock.com/refundadvance.”

The main campaign launches January 1st with additional U.S. national broadcast buys and digital and social programming scheduled in cadence of H&R Block’s product roll-outs throughout the season. Collins said ads will also air during the NFL playoffs, ESPN College Football Playoffs, March Madness and the Winter Olympics.

Jan. 1st update: The Refund Advance loan was also touted in this spot:

Two other spots take a swing at TurboTax:

And this one touts IBM Watson:

The return of Jon Hamm was announced a day after H&R Block president and CEO Jeff Jones—the former Target Chief Marketing Officer and Uber president, who joined H&R Block in October—released a video comment on the White House tax cuts:

More on H&R Block’s use of AI and IBM Watson:

H&R Block, Inc. is a global consumer tax services provider. Tax return preparation services are provided by professional tax preparers in approximately 12,000 company-owned and franchise retail tax offices worldwide, and through H&R Block tax software products for the DIY consumer. H&R Block also offers adjacent Tax Plus products and services. In fiscal 2017, H&R Block had annual revenues of over $3 billion with 23 million tax returns prepared worldwide.

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