Northwestern Mutual Previews #SpendYourLifeLiving Brand Campaign


Northwestern Mutual / Spend Your Life Living

Even amid a strengthening economy, rising employment and growth in household incomes, financial insecurity isn’t far beneath the surface in the minds of many Americans. Financial services brands both tap into that unease and market ways to counter it.

Northwestern Mutual is the latest example with its new campaign called “Spend Your Life Living.”

Debuting this weekend as part of the brand’s sponsorship of the 2018 Rose Bowl Game and participation in the 129th Rose Parade presented by Honda, it will include activations this weekend related to the brand’s sponsorship of the 2018 Rose Bowl Game and participation in the 129th Rose Parade presented by Honda.

The idea of Northwestern Mutual’s new platform is to reassure consumers that the big Milwaukee-based company can help them plan and save for retirement while also enabling them to optimize moments and experiences that they want to enjoy in the here-and-now.

“Our research uncovered the constant struggle Americans are experiencing between living for now and saving for later,” Aditi Gokhale, Northwestern Mutual’s CMO, said in a press release.

“People are in a balancing act of how they can enjoy today while preparing for tomorrow, and this results in massive anxiety. This campaign shows how Northwestern Mutual helps our clients plan for the important moments in their lives so they can make the most of every single day.”

TV spots tap into consumer insights, which include the fact that people will plan—and seek help to do so—for the lifestyle they want to live in the future but are most responsive when they also feel empowered to make things happen now and not miss out on moments with family, or experiences such as travel, the release said.

The spots will begin to air during the Cotton Bowl telecast on Friday and again on ABC during its New Year’s Eve telecast. Social media support for the campaign will track the promoted hashtag, #SpendLifeLiving.

At the Rose Bowl, as the presenting sponsor for the fourth consecutive year, Northwestern Mutual’s activities will include launching a large-scale event on New Year’s Day by taking over part of the tailgate area outside of the Rose Bowl stadium.

The brand will create a massive “end zone,” encouraging fans to join and share their best touchdown dance on social media. Northwestern Mutual will recreate this experiential element at the College Football Playoff National Championship Game on January 8th.

The campaign’s theme is already being quietly introduced on the brand’s social media channels, with this story of a young couple who scrimped and saved in order to go on a dream trip:

Below, Northwestern Mutual CEO on the year ahead:


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