Hummel Figurines Find a Savior With a Branding Plan


Hummel figurine

Hummel figurines attract asking prices up to $35,000 on eBay. They’ve been mentioned in TV shows such as Gilmore Girls and movies such as About Schmidt. And they’ve just been rescued from oblivion.

German entrepreneur Bernd Förtsch is taking over Hummel Manufaktur GmbH, the global home of Hummel figurine manufacturing, in Rödental, Germany. The company filed for insolvency (again) last month, but will now be “reestablished from scratch,” according to a press release.

The enterprise will remain at its present production site in Rödental and “most of the staff will be kept.” The biggest change is that the new owner will focus the Hummel brand on a completely different marketing concept. “Neither production nor the figurines were part of the problem over the past few years,” Förtsch stated.

Going forward, “the focus will be put on direct marketing” and on building “an elaborate community concept” in order to embrace the huge and dedicated collectors’ base of the brand.

“Hummel is an enterprise world-wide known for its full tradition and based in my home country Upper Franconia,” Förtsch said. “It is a strong brand with a long history and unique products of highest quality. This brand stands for German handcraft and tradition like hardly any other brands do. This tradition must go on. In those times of troubles and discomfort we all have to strive for our good old values to be maintained and taken care of.”


Hummel figurines are named for their creator, Maria Innocentia Hummel, a sister of the Franciscan Order. The figurines show children when playing and in other situations of their daily life, often in a humorous way. The ceramic figurines have been produced in Rödental since 1935.

Förtsch promises that the reborn Hummel will continue to value “solid traditional handcraft” throughout the whole process of production. Hummel figurines, while collected worldwide, are especially popular in the USA.

Bernd Förtsch (born 1962) is an entrepreneur and publisher in the fields of finance, investing and economics. The weekly magazine DER AKTIONÄR is the most popular title from his publishing house. His companies include investments in the banking and IT sector, and he employs more than 600 employees across his businesses in Germany—and now, some very grateful Hummel figurine-makers.