Lost in Music: Dreamscape Los Angeles Promotes Sony Music and VR


Sony Los Angeles 2018 Dreamscape

Sony is bringing back its entertainment-based event marketing series with the next installment of its “Lost in Music” platform coming to Los Angeles from Jan. 19-20, delivering live music events and a VR music video featuring Khalid, the Grammy Award-nominated singer and songwriter.

The promise: “You can expect a mashup of the latest Sony technology combined with the hottest Sony Music artists, all in an immersive concert space like you’ve never experienced.”

Attendees will be enveloped in sound as they enter through a custom-designed entrance tunnel called the Acoustic Vessel “Odyssey,” featuring 576 speakers. After the “Odyssey” comes the “Dreamscape,” a performance space custom-fitted for Khalid and special guests.

There will also be an event to launch a new “Lost in Music” video series in New York in February, followed by the “Odyssey” and “Dreamscape” experiences at SXSW in Austin, TX (March 15-16) — a follow-up to last year’s Lost in Music event at SXSW.

Khalid’s new VR music video will debut on March 15th at SXSW, using VR projection mapping technology from Sony Interactive Entertainment with 360-degree stereoscopic images. The video will then be available on the PlayStation Store and will be compatible with PlayStationVR, the virtual reality system for PlayStation4.

“I am so excited to be featured in Sony’s Lost in Music campaign for 2018. I can’t wait for the events in LA and Austin, it’s going to be so awesome to connect with my fans through an experience unlike anything I’ve done before. Plus, I get to show them an awesome new VR music video,” said Khalid.

Also at SXSW, The Chainsmokers (Grammy Award winners for Best Dance Recording for “Don’t Let Me Down”) will headline an eclectic showcase of Sony Music artists including Skott, Vanic, Rag’n’Bone Man and A$AP Ferg, as also featured on VICE’s Noisey channel.

Sony’s VR technology will visualize the hit single “Paris,” offering fans a revolutionary way to interact with and influence the mix of the song. The Chainsmokers will also attend Sony’s Lost in Music launch in Los Angeles.

“The Beginning,” the first event in the Sony Lost in Music series, was a private event featuring DJ performances from The Chainsmokers and fellow Disruptor Records artists Lost Kings and Vanic.

Attendees entered through a “snow-covered forest” into a room where Playstation VR headsets were at the ready. Immersed in the 360 world, viewers “flew” from the winter back to warmer summer surroundings, then were transported into a big, green, and summery room where the snow had melted and a large hill served as a stage.

“This theatrical experience for Sony and The Chainsmokers is a great combination of cutting-edge VR, running in real-time for maximum ‘presence,’ with a hyper-real musical experience, all taking place in the real world,” said Tim Dillon, Head of VR & Immersive Content at MPC, to Billboard.