CES 2018: Peloton Treads Boldly in Las Vegas With Expanded Offering


Peleton Tread

As a disruptive brand that’s looking to up-end the gym industry, the fitness industry and instructor-led classes, until now the New York-headquartered Peloton has been focused on the bike, with its promise to build and support a private cycling studio in your home with its connected spin cycle. Now it’s encouraging people to think beyond the bike and embrace their next product: the treadmill.

Exactly a year ago, Peloton announced its expansion into hardware and commercial-grade bikes at CES 2017, as we discussed with CMO Carolyn Tisch Blodgett.

Now it’s back at CES to announce its second commercial-grade product—the Peloton Tread, a $3,995 connected treadmill with a 32-inch HD screen and state-of-the-art audio bar for participating in the brand’s on-demand fitness classes, with a dozen live-streaming per day and a vast library to choose from.

While the Peloton Tread streams live running and cross-training classes directly to your living room, the hardware cost may give some pause; is it really worth $4,000? Peloton founder and CEO John Foley argues that they’re not making any money on the hardware, and that the economics of buying the equipment and having the elite instructors in your home gym can’t be beat.

Peloton Tread, which has been in development for nearly two years, is now taking orders and begins shipping in the fall. Its immersive experience includes surround sound, a running board as smooth as they come and a belt made up of 59 shock-absorbing slats. It syncs wirelessly with your preferred heart monitor to display your stats on the screen.

Peloton’s success from its first product, an internet-connected, brushed-steel spin bicycle equipped with a 20-inch touch-screen priced at $2,000 (plus $39 a month subscription fee), is due in large part to its ethos that the service is as important as the device.

The screen is bigger and better than the bike’s screen, as Foley told The Verge in an informative demo at CES:

The company did nearly $400 million in sales last year, up from about $170 million in 2016, and will reach profitability this year.

Thanks to its monthly subscription, Peloton members using Tread can participate in live and on-demand bootcamp and circuit classes, all from the comfort of their homes.

“Whether you want a mellow 10-minute walking class, an intense 60-minute bootcamp class, or anything in between, the Peloton Tread is perfect for you,” said John Foley, Founder and CEO of Peloton.

“Just like the Peloton Bike, the Peloton Tread is now the best synthesis of hardware, software, and class content in the category. It allows Members of all ages and fitness levels to take effective, fun and motivating circuit, running and strength workouts on their schedules and in their homes.”

The treadmill isn’t just for running, but also for cross-training. Peloton is now selling square-shaped hand weights with the idea that halfway through a workout you can step off the treadmill and start lifting.

Beyond the hardware, Peloton’s lifeblood is its people—its members and its instructors, who inspire each other, it seems. A broad range of live and on-demand classes and access to more than 7,000 classes led by world-class instructors live from NYC led by Peloton’s own instructor and VP of Fitness Programming Robin Arzon and new Peloton master Tread instructor Rebecca Kennedy.

And even if its new treadmill is in the aspirational zone, it’s still something to aspire to and behold, as it is beautifully designed.