Muji Opens First Hotel — A Zen Abode in Shenzhen, China


Muji first hotel opening - in Shenzhen China - January 2018

Japan’s minimalist retail brand Muji has just opened its first hotel—the first of a handful—in Shenzhen, China. Muji’s ethos is, walk as much as you can, wherever you can; eat well; sleep well; and stay fit—a perfect philosophy as it expands its brand experience into the hospitality business.

The Shenzhen property is a showcase for the Muji lifestyle, featuring its items as well as being surrounded by serenity, situated on the South China sea and having grown from a fishing village of 30,000 to a city of 14 million.

Located in Guangdong Province hear Hong Kong, the hotel is located close to the heart of the city in the new UpperHills multi-use complex. Guest rooms start at $148 per night and feature everything Muji from bedding, curtains and towels to amenity goods.

“Muji Hotel is a subtle, yet powerful, move for the brand in an effort to position itself as an all-encompassing wellness lifestyle brand,” Architectural Digest observed about this latest hospitality brand extension. “By inviting guests to spend the night with its products, the brand is taking the ‘try before you buy’ philosophy to an entirely new level.”

A total of 79 rooms are encased in pillars and walls of traditional Chinese houses repurposed in interior walls and courtyards. A Muji store on the second and third floors offers customers the world view of Muji. The ‘Mujirushi’ store is now its biggest retail outlet in China and features travel items as well as furniture and storage goods, food, fashion accessories and cosmetics.

According to a press release, “All trips, whether for business, sightseeing or long-term stays, are supported first and foremost by quality sleep. We designed a space for exceptional relaxation, providing indirect lighting to release tension and guide guests to a comfortable slumber; coil mattresses with the best firmness for any sleeping position; gently enveloping bath towels, and so on.”

Feeding the body, a Muji Diner is open from morning breakfast to late night bar hours, while feeding the mind and soul, a Muji Books location offers a collection of wisdom of all ages and cultures with a library of approximately 650 volumes. A small-scale gym has running machines, aero-bikes and other workout equipment, and three conference rooms are available to rent.

Muji Hotel - Shenzhen China

The English language press release added, “The hotel has been designed to reflect an anti-gorgeous, anti-cheap concept. The goal is to offer great sleep at the right price, provide a space supporting both body and soul while away from home, and connect travellers to local communities.”

“We hope that guests can relax” at the first hotel of its kind, Ryohin Keikaku President Satoru Matsuzaki commented at the opening ceremony.

China is the largest overseas market for Muji owner Ryohin Keikaku and a partnership with a local Chinese property management company is helping run the hotel, while Ryohin Keikaku oversees interior design, the customer experience, the retail and other branded touchpoints.

A second Muji hotel will open in Beijing this quarter, while Japan will receive its first Muji hotel, in Tokyo’s upscale Ginza shopping district, in 2019.