Brand News: 10 Things You Need to Know for Wednesday January 24


Budweiser renewable symbol 2018

Budweiser is adopting a renewable energy logo in the U.S.—the first AB InBev brand and market to adopt the new symbol, revealed today at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Apple is moving into digital health records, enhancing iPhone’s Health app, and taking HomePod smart speaker orders.

Burger King U.S. releases “Whopper Neutrality” campaign, taking a stand on America’s Net Neutrality debate.

Facebook CMO Gary Briggs announces his retirement plan.

Google Lunar X Prize ends with no winners.

Instagram adds GIFs to Stories, and any size photos and videos.

Netflix programming is coming to China via Baidu and partners.

Starbucks boosts payDisney hands out bonuses post-tax cut.

Toys R Us is closing 180 U.S. stores to exit bankruptcy.

Twitter COO Anthony Noto confirms exit for CEO role at SoFi.

Visa releases 2018 Winter Olympics campaign.

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