‘Lo-Heads’ Line Up For Polo Ralph Lauren Snow Beach Capsule Line


Ralph Lauren Snow Beach drop 35 January 2018

Those queues outside Polo Ralph Lauren stores the last few days? They’re fans eagerly awaiting the 25th anniversary reissue of the brand’s classic Autumn 1993 Snow Beach snowboarding collection. After all, who doesn’t love the 90s?

Ralph Lauren 2018 Snow Bach collection

Dropping in select RL stores today, the nostalgic 10-piece capsule line (in step with brands like Gap also on a throwback kick) includes original and updated pieces from the iconic 1993 range.

The starkly simple, graphic collection was made famous by Raekwon in the graphic pullover in the Wu-Tang Clan video for Can It All Be So Simple. It quickly struck a chord with street kids at a time when Ralph Lauren suits, polo shirts and ties were staples of the preppy country club set, while urbanites sported logo-heavy gear of the Polo Sport label that launched in 1992.

Snow Beach hit the market in 1993 with red, yellow, green and blue hoodies, hats and jackets that “Lo Heads,” attired head-to-foot in Polo, adopted as a sign of belonging to a tribe of cool.

GQ spoke with web fashionista Bloody Osiris, along with menswear heads who were there from Polo Sport’s heyday, Awake NY founder Angelo Baque and Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon, who said “We just adopted it because of the colors, the flags on it.

They were winning back then ’cause they had the university type of feel that everyone loved. All it took was people in the rap game to start talking about it and wear it casually to help the brand climb to a level where they won’t even acknowledge it.”

The second drop of the Snow Beach collection is on February 1 and features a selection of garments in black and white.

Achieving Supreme-like line-ups isn’t bad for a 50-year-old brand, 50 years which is typically considered a bastion of Americana chic with a distinctive image in premium lifestyle products in four categories: apparel, home, accessories and fragrances.

The portfolio has grown to include Ralph Lauren Purple Label, Ralph Lauren Collection, Double RL, Polo Ralph Lauren, Polo Ralph Lauren Children’s, Ralph Lauren Home, Lauren Ralph Lauren, RLX, American Living, Chaps and Club Monaco.

Committed to driving digital expansion, Burberry alum Alice Delahunt is joining as Chief Digital Officer, reporting directly to Patrice Louvet, Chief Executive Officer.

“We are moving urgently to expand our digital presence all over the world and bringing in the right senior talent to help us deliver,” said Louvet. “We have to meet consumers where they are, which is increasingly online, and digital expansion is one critical way we will drive new growth for our iconic business and brand.”

And, as it turns out, sometimes they’re lining up in the street too.

—Photo at top by Shirley Brady.