Brand Transparency: Absolut Bares All on Sustainability


Absolut - the vodka with nothing to hide - sustainability

Taking brand transparency to a new level, Absolut is baring all in a new campaign with the tagline, “The vodka with nothing to hide.” Absolut staffers strip down (with strategic blurring) in a range of settings showing its supply chain from farm to the factory—its distillery in Åhus in southern Sweden.

It’s all tongue-in-cheek while also highlighting Absolut’s carbon dioxide-neutral distillation process and sustainability commitment. As the celebratory finale, employees cavort in the buff to a brass band.

“We control every single step from seed to bottle, and we do it with passion and pride. Normally, when people come to see us, we do have clothes on. But the transparency about how we do things is still the same,” added Anna Schreil, Absolut’s VP of operations, who’s one of the featured players.

Absolut - create a better tomorrow, tonight

“In an age where brand transparency is rare, Absolut felt it was important to put everything on display and show viewers exactly what modern vodka crafting looks like,” she added.

Absolut - the vodka with nothing to hide - sustainability campaign

“Absolut is proud to take responsibility from seed to bottle and source wheat from 338 farms in southern Sweden where each farmer is known by name. Employees are proud to use so many sustainable production processes, and as you’ll see from the film, have absolutely nothing to hide.”

Absolut prides itself on reusing its manufacturing by-products with a goal of zero-waste production. “We are proud to champion sustainability and transparency in our industry,” said Craig Johnson, Absolut’s VP of global marketing. “We feel it’s now more important than ever to let our customers know, we have nothing to hide.”

Watch more of the “Nothing to Hide” campaign spots below:



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