Creative Education: 5 Questions With Moleskine Foundation President Maria Sebregondi


Moleskine Foundation Q&A

“Creativity is the fundamental driver of our collective future, and in this sense, it can really change the world in a positive way”

Maria Sebregondi co-founded the Moleskine Foundation (which takes its heritage from the people, values and projects of lettera27) to bring quality education to communities affected by cultural and social deprivation. The non-profit is currently focused on Africa, which Sebregondi refers to as a “metaphor for the world.”

Moleskine Foundation - Africa

The Moleskine Foundation, launched on October 2017, operates independently but draws on many of the core values of the Moleskine Company, which Sebregondi also co-founded in the 1990s, serving as Director of Brand Equity and Communication until 2015. The creation and the evolution of the Foundation was inspired by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal #4: Quality Education, which promotes learning that is inclusive and life-long.

More than basic literacy and traditional techniques, the Moleskine Foundation’s initiatives are designed to promote unconventional educational tools and experiences that foster critical thinking, creative doing and life-long learning—from interactive creative workshops to the development of robust knowledge platforms. The goal is to catalyze creativity in young minds, allowing them to reach further and deeper knowledge as they architect a brighter future for us all.

Interbrand Chief Strategy Officer Emea & LatAm, Manfredi Ricca, talked to Sebregondi about the Foundation’s powerful potential for social transformation.

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