Crayola Boosts Facebook Engagement With Personalized Social Video


Facebook Vivoom

Crayola is one example of a brand leveraging Facebook’s news feed changes with fan-generated videos. A 4th quarter Facebook campaign invited users to record videos of themselves through a Crayola-branded filter to share personalized holiday cards with friends and family across social media.

“As a brand, we always hope to inspire and encourage our community to be creative. Giving our community the opportunity to easily share their works of art with their friends and family through social and messaging channels was a natural fit for us,” says Crayola digital marketing manager Marisa Scurato.

“The Crayola community is passionate and engaged because, for many of them, the Crayola brand has played an important part in their life, from childhood to adulthood,” she added.

“Thanks to social media and new technology we are able to connect with our most passionate fans and allow them to engage with us in ways we couldn’t in the past. Since technology has made social sharing so important and fun, we wanted to see how our community would react to the opportunity to send branded photos and videos, along with season’s greetings, to their loved ones.”

Crayola’s tech partner for the Facebook holiday campaign with Vivoom, which calls itself the first “in-product consumer sharing platform” that works with brands to develop one-to-one relationships with their customers specifically through personalized social videos.

“One of Crayola’s top priorities with this campaign was brand safety,” said Vivoom CEO Katherine Hays. “Our technology made it possible for consumers to interact with Crayola’s most precious brand assets in a safe, fun digital environment. Another priority for Crayola was scalable, authentic user content creation. The videos users created resulted in an incredible consumer content Crayola was able to leverage across their own digital channels.”

“We provided best practices to Crayola on how many times to post about the campaign to ensure their fans were aware of the opportunity to participate based on benchmark metrics we see across our solution. We shared recommendations for how many times Crayola should republish content users are creating in order to hit their goals, including attaining a certain number of video views or reaching particular engagement rates.”

The feedback from fans was positive.

“In just two weeks, our fans created and shared wonderful videos that they quickly racked up more than 300,000 views,” Scurato noted. “We also saw an average view to completion rate of 62% and a click-through rate of 8%, which outperformed industry averages. Our fans embraced the opportunity to use Crayola products to create special artwork for their loved ones that they could easily share through videos—and we loved the high amount of engagement the campaign received.”

“We consistently see high engagement across our partners’ campaigns and know that viewers love to interact with content from their friends that is both authentic and engaging. But we were surprised by just how well Crayola’s content performed. The click-through rate for content shared through Crayola’s owned products and digital channels received 350 times the engagement they would typically see from content consumers shared from Facebook.”

“Giving people the chance to see a video of their grandchildren or nieces and nephews wishing them a Happy Holiday—with a homemade card created with Crayola crayons or markers—was welcome, largely because it was both authentic and meaningful.”