Trademark Watch: Gucci, Penfolds, Maasai and More


Koy Clothing licensed Maasai Kikoi fabric Kenya to UK jackets

• Kenya’s Maasai people have struck their first deal to license their distinctive tribal fabric designs, according to The Fashion Law blog. Koy Clothing, a UK-based brand, has agreed to pay a license to use the Maasai’s Kikoy cloth in men’s jackets (above) that are “dyed in Kenya with locally produced dyes. Each jacket is named after a Kenyan tribe by reference to its colouring. 5% of all sales are donated to support and respect the indigenous cultures that inspire us.”

Treasury Wine Estates is suing a fellow Australian producer it claims is making and selling copycat versions of Penfolds wines in China. The Australian wine giant is fighting to protect its BEN FU trademark, the Chinese transliteration for Penfolds.

Gucci vs Forever 21

Gucci faces a setback in its suit to stop Forever 21 from selling anything bearing its trademarked green-red-and-green or blue-red-and-blue striping patterns. A judge on Friday sided with Forever 21, arguing that Gucci’s blue-red-blue and green-red-green trademarks lack the necessary secondary meaning to function as trademarks.

• Pumped by the Philadelphia Eagles’ Super Bowl win, D.G. Yuengling & Son Inc. has filed a trademark application for “Philly Special.” It may apply the phrase to one of its existing beers such as Yuengling Lager in the Philadelphia region or use it for a new beer altogether, according to marketing director Tyler Simpson.

Keystone Light new Stone can

Stone Brewing Co., a California-based craft beer-maker, filed a lawsuit accusing MillerCoors of infringing the Stone Brewing name in a rebranding and advertising campaign for its Keystone Light beer that emphasizes the word “Stone” (above) on the side of cans.