Hold the Phone: Samsung Unveils Galaxy S9 at Mobile World Congress


Galaxy S9

Samsung is raising the stakes in the battle for the best smartphone camera. The South Korean tech giant on Sunday unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ at the 2018 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the world’s largest mobile device and phone show.

Samsung Galaxy S9

How it rolled out:

Excitement built with a teaser video for Sunday’s #MWC #Unpacked reveal of the Galaxy S9 that received 14.7 million views:

The Camera. Reimagined. “What we’re changing here will change how you experience everything out there.”

Infinity Display: See more. Hold less. “Hold the big screen in the palm of your hands with the edge-to-edge Infinity Display.”

Device colors: Perfectly calibrated shades and hues. “From midnight black to this year’s most coveted color, Lilac Purple, the new comes in every shade of cool.”

Dual aperture: The revolutionary camera that adapts like the human eye: “Make your photos look great in any light with the revolutionary camera that adapts just like the human eye.”

960 FPS: The camera that radically slows down time, making everyday moments epic. “Make the everyday epic in the blink of an eye, all 960 frames of it, with the Super Slow-mo camera.”

Dual camera: The right camera for the right moment. “Go wide or get up close and personal. The power to choose is yours with the incredible dual camera on the new Galaxy S9+. ”

Water and dust resistance: “Make a splash with the remarkable water-resistant phone.” The Galaxy SP is remarkably water resistant with an IP68 rating. So go out and make a splash with your new all-weather friend.

AR Emoji: The camera that turns you into an emoji with 18 auto-created AR Emoji stickers. “Words can’t say what your face can. Tell volumes of your own stories with a camera that turns you into an emoji.”

Live translation: “The camera that instantly read what your eyes can’t.” You don’t need to speak the language to understand it perfectly. Instantly read what your eyes can’t

Intelligent Scan: Combines the key elements of iris scanning and face recognition, making it easier for you to unlock your phone in more situations.

Stereo speakers: “When it comes to hi-fidelity audio, we’re all ears. Stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos surround sound amplifies every Galaxy S9.”

Performance: Invisible details that make the difference. Powerful mobile processor and RAM combination. “Designed to astonish. Built to perform. All around a powerful camera.”

The Camera Reimagined: “We’ve reimagined the camera. Now just imagine how you’re going to experience the world.”

“There’s a new star in town. And it’s going to change the way you experience everything. Introducing the Galaxy S9.”

See more in the videos below:


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