Kraft Heinz Joins Breakfast Club With Ore-Ida’s Just Crack an Egg


Just Crack an Egg

Kraft Heinz’s Ore-Ida brand is trying to mix four U.S. food trends into a winning new product: consumers’ demands for convenience, the rise of breakfast as an increasingly sophisticated consumption day part beyond cereal and toast, an appreciation for dietary protein, and the renewed nutritional appreciation of eggs.

Its new Just Crack an Egg combines ingredients such as potatoes, ham, cheese, peppers and other vegetables so that consumers can add an egg and make a hot scramble in under two minutes in the microwave.

With the launch, Ore-Ida is offering an easy opportunity for consumers to eat a well-rounded entree for breakfast, without the mess or time involved.

There are four varieties of Just Crack an Egg, including one with turkey sausage and another with uncured bacon. The product innovation sees Kraft Heinz (smartly) leveraging its existing brands: Oscar Mayer for the meat, Kraft for the cheese and Ore-Ida for the potatoes.

“We know that consumer aren’t happy with their current weekday breakfast options, and we saw an opportunity to reignite consumers’ love of a hot, filling breakfast,” Greg Guidotti, head of marketing for the new line, stated. “Too often, their busy lives force them to make compromises and trade-offs around breakfast when it comes to taste, convenience and freshness.

“Just Crack an egg bridges that divide, making it easy for them to have a savory breakfast scramble that can fit into even the fastest morning routine.”

Kraft Heinz is entering the breakfast space with a 360-degree marketing push to introduce Just Crack an Egg, including a print ad and TV campaign.

In its first TV spot for Just Crack an Egg, Ore-Ida depicts a woman who’s continually disappointed when she opens her refrigerator door to see what there is for breakfast, whether it’s a cup of blueberry yogurt or a green smoothie. “Your relationship with breakfast is filled with compromises,” the commercial intones, sadly.

But when she opens the fridge again to “discover” she’s purchased Just Crack an Egg, she smiles with delight—as the voiceover announces that “Breakfast wants you back!”

With minimal fuss, each breakfast bowl is designed to be microwaved in under two minutes: Microwave on High 40 sec.; stir; microwave for an additional 30 sec.; stir; let cool and eat, as Ore-Ida demonstrates in the video below: