Dos Equis Erases the Most Interesting Man From Its History


Dos Equis - Most Interesting Man - Jonathan Goldsmith

Dos Equis has wiped its YouTube channel clean of its Most Interesting Man in the World — the original, Jonathan Goldsmith, and his successor, Augustin Legrand, who was announced in September 2016. In tandem with launching its new “Keep It Interesante” campaign, the Heineken-owned beer admits that this was “one of the most celebrated advertising campaigns of the 21st century” — so why erase it?

“It’s so hard to give up on something you are so proud of and that worked for so long,” Heineken and Dos Equis senior brand director Quinn Kilbury told Ad Age.”It became too much about him. We really wanted to make that shift from the most interesting man to the most interesting beer.”

Still, there’s hope that Goldsmith (sorry, M. Legrand) will make a comeback—even if he is pitching a tequila brand these days.

“We didn’t kill the man,” Kilbury added of the iconic character. “So who knows, somewhere in the future, maybe he comes back to play with us again, but not until we establish the brand on its own.”

Watch the new campaign below and let us know if you think it will help the brand achieve that goal:

Keep It Interesante | Moon
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