How Brands Give a Dam This World Water Day


World Water Day 2018 - UN Water

The theme of this World Water Day, the United Nations event marked every March 22nd, is “Nature for Water” — a focus, as the United Nations Environment Programme explains, on “nature-based solutions to the water challenges we face in the 21st century” along with the power of cooperation and partnerships to effect change.

With that in mind, brands are taking a moment to highlight what they’re doing across their brands and organizations to conserve water, use their clout and educate. For example: partners including Bank of America use their channels:

charity: water is showing how even the smallest personal action can make a difference:

P&G and National Geographic co-produced a documentary, “The Power of Clean Water,” to raise global awareness:

PepsiCo and the Nature Conservancy announced a partnership:

Coca-Cola highlights efforts in India and beyond:

Colgate reminds people to turn off the tap with Michael Phelps supporting #EveryDropCounts.

Gucci, Beyonce and Chime for Change address crisis in Burundi with new $1 million commitment and UNICEF USA partnership.

Getty Images released Watermarks for Water campaign.

Nestlé announced progress and goals for water stewardship:

Target is highlighting its new freshwater stewardship commitment:

Jim Beam is sponsoring a water research sanctuary in Kentucky.

Jamba Juice is partnering with GIVN Water.

Kimberly-Clark helps develop a sustainable water management tool.

Image at top via UN Water. Share your campaign:


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