April Fools Inspires Brand Pranks, From Easter-Themed to Infauxmercials


Warby Parker and Arby's WArby's April Fools collection

Branded April Fools stunts aren’t waiting for April 1 (send yours: editor@brandchannel.com):

Arby’s and Warby Parker take naming inspiration for a WArby’s cross-branded merchandise collection that’s available in select stores:

With April Fools Day falling on Easter Sunday this year, Reese’s took over a Shoprite drugstore in New Jersey for a fake Easter Egg hunt:

FreshDirect food delivery service also puts Peter Rabbit to work:

Peeps finds some bunny to run its creative — the Energizer Rabbit:

Google, once again going hard on April Fools product pranks, had a few fake announcements: Google Maps located Waldo; a Bad Joke Detector deletes puns and other groaners taking up room on phones; Google Cloud has a Hummus API; Google Australia rebrands as Googz; while Google Japan announced Gboard (trace characters on a keyboard):

Pet-themed pans are always popular. eHarmony announced announced Furever Love, a dog-matching service.

Ollie petfood announced H-Ollie for people:

Petco opened a dog boutique for owners to match their pets — an idea that Wag! and GlamSquad are also announcing.

Rent the Runway goes to the dogs with canine clothing service:

Another theme this year: brands launching their own (fake) crypotcurrencies, including Houzz’s HouzzCoinz, Hpontiq‘s “Hpno-Currency”, OnePlus, Sam’s Club announced bulkcoin, Tumblr announced Tumblcoin.

More branded April Foolin’:

Adobe adds feature to Illustrator for hungry designers and found a feline designer with Photoshop skills:

Auntie Anne’s is pitching ‘House of A’ essential oils:

Auntie Anne's House of A essential oils (April Fools 2018)

BritBox dubs American accents into British TV shows:

Brooks M.I.L.E.S. is a voice-enabled running show:

Bulletproof Coffee‘s Bulletproof Grass-Fed Butter Balm was inspired by a comment by CEO Dave Asprey:

Burger King U.S. has an Easter-appropriate chocolate Whopper while BK Belgium enables Whopper Easy Order for at-home use:

Chuck E. Cheese’s toys with reports that it’s killing off its animatronics (it’s not):

We don’t want to give away any spoilers… But it’s gonna be EPIC.

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Coca-Cola UK announced Coca-Cola Helium and these new flavors:

Coca-Cola Helium (UK) April Fools 2018

Dermalogica rebrands to how everyone mis-pronounces its name:

Duolingo releases Brewolingo—drink beer, learn a language. (More on the designs here.)

Duolingo Brewolingo - April Fools prank 2018

EIA‘s TRAVAS assistant aims to improve airport CX:

Evine, a US e-tailer, gets Royal Wedding fever:

F&M Trust bank has Adam, a joke-cracking AiTM:

GlassesUSA introduces eco-friendly frames:

Head & Shoulders shampoo announced Knees & Toes body wash:

Heinz UK revealed a chocolate mayonnaise on Facebook.

Heinz Chocolate Mayonnaise

Honda U.S. releases Sixth Sense app to keep drivers alert beyond the car:

Honda Canada turned a hatchback into a hatchedback this Easter:

& Honda UK chops its CR-V Roadster, continuing a tradition it explains here.

Honda CR-V chopped Roadster - April Fools 2018

IBM announces Model Q Quantum keyboard (not its iconic Model M).

IBM April Fools 2018 - model Q keyboard

iSeeCars revealed Google Shrine SEO dark arts:

Jägermeister announced Jäger Balm:

Kraken spiced rum released a fake BBC news report spotting its namesake in the River Thames:

L.A. Wine Project serves Blasé — The World’s First “Rosé of Indifference — a stultifying blend of rosé and activated charcoal to soothe your troubled soul”:

LA Wine Project April Fools

LEGO announced a brick-sorting vacuum cleaner:

Lexus and 23andMe‘s Genetic Select — lick the steering wheel to design your dream car:

Logitech “BS Detection” software detect business jargon:

Lucid Mattress brings the sharing economy to its business with ShareBED:

Man Crates gifting service fights porch pirates:

McDonald’s India got in the spirit:

McLaren lampoons its own attention to detail:

ME Bank (Australia) introduces Chuck, a recyclable debit card:

Netflix acquisition spree acquires its first person: actor/director Seth Rogen.

Newegg released a post for a parody autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR — triggering a physical reaction in the viewer) video series.

OnlineLabels.com introduces the Labelie voice assistant:

PepsiCo‘s KeVita beverage adds organic glitter:

Pindrop, a biometric voice authentication startup, invents tongueprinting:

Planet Fitness is touting Terrain Tread, offering sensory treadmill settings like running on freshly cut grass or bubble wrap.

Pokémon GO rendered its characters in 8-bit graphics.

Pokémon GO April Fools 2018

Popchips taps its inner tween with Unicorn Balls:

Porsche brings its electrified prowess to a new arena: tractors.

Porsche Mission E tractor - April Fools Day 2018

REI goes zipper-mad with the ZipAll:

SodaStream parodies its own advertising with SodaSoak infauxmercial:

Sprint‘s “magic” soccer ball improves cell signals:

Swanson Health announces fried food dietary supplements:

T-Mobile Sidekick - April Fools prank 2018

T-Mobile relaunches Sidekick as connected kicks (releasing a limited batch of magenta sneakers):

Tough Mudder‘s “Baby Puppy Mudder” is a mini-obstacle challenge for adventure-seeking babies and their four-legged companions, who are available for adoption:

Uber Eats releases an anti-aging ice cream:

Virgin Australia‘s Spin Class is the world’s first in-flight cycling studio

Virgin Voyages‘s Wa-Fi is underwater Wi-Fi:

Wayfair came up with Scentsible wallpaper:

WestJet has a new virtual assistant:

White Castle makes hay with whey powder, pretending it’s getting into the protein powder business:

Zappos resizing features twin bodybuilders:

Zenni Optical and iconic noodle brand Nissin Cup Noodles were inspired to create a pair of glasses to be worn while eating cup noodles:

Nissin x ramen cup noodles

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