FIFA Watch: Coca-Cola Shares Jason Derulo’s “Colors” Anthem With the World


Colours by Jason Derulo / 2018 FIFA World Cup anthem

Few sports are as globally popular as soccer, which is what makes the World Cup an important marketing opportunity for top-tier FIFA sponsor Coca-Cola.

This year the brand has produced a catchy World Cup anthem by Haitian-American superstar Jason Derulo—”Colors,” which features him singing against a backdrop of flags, dancers and cultural touchstones from around the world.

“The FIFA World Cup is a cultural and social phenomenon that transcends age, race, gender and religion,” said Brad Ross, director of global football marketing at Coca-Cola. “Music has always been an important component of our FIFA World Cup campaigns … and this time Jason hit it out of the park with the song.”

As part of Coca-Cola’s global marketing playbook, the message is “a universal one: celebrate and be proud of what you represent, no matter where you come from,” as the company put it in a blog post. (A reference to “I’m going to wave my flag” is a nod to the 2010 FIFA World Cup anthem by Canadian-Somali artist K’naan.)

Once again, Coca-Cola has tapped emerging artists and stars from around the globe to create localized versions of the song “and embrace an international theme of inclusion and celebration” in the months leading up to the World Cup.

Jason Derulo - Coca-Cola 2018 FIFA World Cup anthem

“Colors” has been remixed to include artists from Europe, the Middle East, Latin America, Africa and Russia, the host country for the 2018 tournament, “all of whom have put their own unique twist on the song without losing the powerful message within.” (See examples below.)

Derulo even worked with the remixers at his home and studio in Los Angeles. “Everyone is here to make something happen,” Derulo said. “Everyone’s way of working is different than mine, so the feel of the song is different when others jump on it. It’s a creative explosion, and I couldn’t be happier.”

Below, some of the local versions include:

Africa (local artist: Lizha James)

Colombia (local artist: Maluma)

Egypt (local artist: Tamer Hosny)

Ethiopia (local artist: Sami Dan)

Malta (local artist: Ira Losco)

Myanmar (local artists: Ar-T & AhMoon)

Pakistan (local artist: Qurat-ul-Ain Balouch aka QB)

South Africa (local artist: Cassper Nyovest)

Tanzania (local artist: Diamond Platnumz)

Tunisia (local artist: Si Lemhaf)

Uganda (local artist: Ykee Benda)