‘We Get It’: Postmate Delivers Zingers to the Big Apple


Postmates We Get It campaign - New York

Postmates helps millions of Americans each month get anything they need, anytime they need it, delivered to their door in minutes. Now the on-demand delivery app, that can deliver anything from anywhere, is taking its “We Get It” 360 brand marketing campaign that captures how on-demand ‘anything’ is a way of life to New York City—along with a side order of wry attitude.

That includes Shake Shack burgers, aspirin and coffee runs for the office, to Halal Guys combos and a slice of Milk Bar’s Crack Pie® for dinner.

The campaign is a cheeky nod to Postmates’ growing place in the lives of time-pressed, information-overloaded, subway-crowded customers in New York City. While retaining its nod to local insights and the sharp humor used in its Los Angeles out-of-home marketing, the “We Get It” campaign in New York is inspired in part by some of Postmates’ most popular merchants in the city.

Postmates New York OOH campaign - by Chloe.

Brands involved in this campaign are by CHLOE., Halal Guys, Milk Bar, Shake Shack, Tacombi and The Meatball Shop. As part of this campaign, each merchant will run a week-long free-delivery promotion over the next six weeks. The free delivery dates:

4/16–4/22 Shake Shack
4/23–4/29 Milk Bar
4/30 -5/6 The Meatball Shop
5/7–5/13 by CHLOE.
5/14–5/20 Tacombi
5/21 -5/27 The Halal Guys

Postmates’ insights on their brand partners:
—The Halal Guys have delivered enough platters to feed every current student at NYU and Columbia.
—Every time a customer in NYC orders a burger there’s a 1 in 2 chance it’s Shake Shack.
—Postmates has delivered over 300k balls in New York City from The Meatball Shop. That’s 7.6 miles of balls, or 1,588 Statues of Liberty stacked back to back.
—We’ve saved Tacombi customers a total of approximately 60,000 minutes these past few months. That’s a full month and a half of time that was saved .
—Milk Bar customers are nearly three times more likely to order late night than the average NYC customer. In fact, a third of all Milk Bar orders took place from 9 PM to midnight.
—by CHLOE. salads are the most Postmated item on its menu. In a close second place: by CHLOE. fries.

Postmates nyc marketing campaign

“We know that New Yorkers choose Postmates because of the quality of merchants available on our platform, so we wanted to use this campaign as an opportunity to showcase the city’s favorite restaurants,” said Lizz Niemeyer, director of brand marketing at Postmates.

“We reached out to our most popular partners and came up with lines that humorously reflect both of our brands, along with a series of promotions that our customers will love.”

The OOH wallscapes and wild postings, subway ads and interactive extensions can now be spotted aroud New York City. Headlines from the “We Get It” campaign include:
—You don’t want people to see you chugging sauce straight from the packet. The Halal Guys. We get it.
—You want a burger that New Yorkers think of as highly as they think of themselves. Shake Shack. We get it.
—When you’re hungry from working in fashion for six years. Food. We get it.
—When finding good Mexican food in your neighborhood is as rare as finding an interesting guy that works in finance. Tacos. We get it.
—Everyone’s in the Hamptons but you. Rose. We get it.
—Everyone you regret making out with is probably walking around NYC right now. Dinner at home. We get it.
—You’d make dinner but your bathroom’s in your kitchen. Food. We get it.

Postmates is America’s largest on-demand delivery network, and last year introduced its first alcohol and grocery collections—Drinks and Fresh—in major U.S. markets, including New York. According to the market research firm, NPD Group, there are now about 1.7 billion food deliveries made annually and others have estimated that the sector is growing by 40% year-over-year.