Wall Street’s Fearless Girl, Finding a Home, Proves Impact


State Street Fearless Girl statue International Women's Day 2017 Wall Street

Fearless Girl has a new home. The award-winning statue by Kristen Visbal has been facing down Wall Street’s iconic charging bull statue in Bowling Green Park in lower Manhattan since it was installed on International Women’s Day 2017.

The Wall Street challenger’s permanent home has been a topic of debate since then; now it’s moving nearby to the New York Stock Exchange, according to a press release Thursday by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and State Street Global Advisors.

The point of the statue was to raise the issue of promoting gender diversity on corporate boards. As Fearless Girl sponsor SSGA stated, “We placed a symbol of women in leadership in a place no one could ignore.”

SSGA followed up the installation with a letter to thousands of companies asking them to take action to increase the diversity on their boards. Roughly a quarter of the 3,500 companies it sent letters to have no women on their boards.

One year later, for International Women’s Day 2018, State Street—which was founded in 1792—crunched the numbers and found that Fearless Girl’s first year helped reshape corporate boardrooms. The promising news: 152 companies it lobbied have added at least one woman to their boards, while 34 had immediate plans to do so. And the campaign continues to spark a conversation about women in finance, on Wall Street and beyond.

The impact of Fearless Girl and SSGA’s board diversity campaign progress is outlined in the infographic below: