Visit the USA, From High C to Shining Sea (With Spotify on Back-Up)


Brand USA / Visit the USA / "Do You Wanna Dance" music campaign spring 2018

Brand USA is deepening its music-based marketing with Spotify and emerging artists to highlight America’s local and reginal cultures. The destination marketing arm of the U.S. government is expanding on its new documentary, America’s Musical Journey, and related campaign with a partnership with Spotify. The tie-in promotes five emerging artists who embody the breadth of America’s musical traditions, creating a cultural lens to inspire travel.

“Hear the Music, Experience the USA” is an integrated marketing campaign that leverages the power of music to promote international travel to the United States. The campaign invites the five artists to interpret the classic Bobby Freeman song Do You Wanna Dance? in different musical genres. The musicians:

• Cam James (Cameron James Williams) – Hip-Hop; Atlanta, Georgia

• Bass Physics (Arja Adair) – Electronic Dance Music (EDM); Denver, Colorado

• Nathan Quick – Blues; Houston, Texas

• Reptaliens (Bambi and Cole Browning) – Rock ‘n’ Roll; Portland, Oregon

• Calma Carmona – Soul; San Juan, Puerto Rico

In a companion content marketing arrangement, Spotify has curated 22 customized U.S. city-inspired playlists.

Brand USA Visit the USA music campaign spring 2018

By being exposed to the sounds of electronic dance music (EDM) in Denver, the blues in Houston, rock ‘n’ roll in Portland, hip-hop in Atlanta, and soul in Puerto Rico, prospective travelers get a taste of the eclectic cultural and musical soundtrack the United States offers.

“Music is a universal language that transcends language and cultural boundaries, and Hear the Music, Experience the USA presents an entertaining and highly engaging platform to showcase vibrant destinations across the United States,” says Tom Garzilli, chief marketing officer of Brand USA.

“The artists’ passion for their cities shines through in each rendition as they reimagine a classic radio hit in a new digital streaming era. We’re hoping their contagious energy connects with culture-seeking tourists across the globe and inspires them to experience the United States in a new way.”

Brand USA’s partnership with Spotify will offer travelers the unique opportunity to explore the USA with 22 U.S. city soundscape playlists. “We’re proud to partner with Brand USA, using music as an instrument to engage with international travelers and accessibly show the country’s abundance of culture, innovation, and creativity,” says Alex Faust, global head of Spotify’s MAP team.

Spotify’s 22 custom city playlists are based on the artists and genres that over-index in popularity with local users in each city. Each playlist reflects the current mood of the location, using music as a discovery travel tool, including everything from the upbeat Latin-inspired sounds of Miami, Florida to the industrial, Midwestern grit of Cleveland, Ohio.

After listening to audio ads or viewing video content or digital display ads, Spotify users will be directed to the Visit The USA consumer website to check out different cities, activities, and music.

Visitors to the music landing music landing page on Brand USA’s consumer website, Visit The USA, can immerse themselves in the captivating and unique sounds from several noteworthy locations, learn about the five artists, listen to the 22 city-inspired Spotify playlists, look at photos, and explore suggested activities waiting to be experienced.

The Hear the Music, Experience the USA content – and all of the rich features on the music page – will be featured in native languages in the following markets: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

The campaign supports Brand USA’s new large format (IMAX) film, America’s Musical Journey, which explores America’s history through its distinctive music and sound. The intended impact on consumers: “The integrated campaign and film engage the ears and the eyes, and from small screen to big screen and everything in between, delivers an immersive experience for consumers.”


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