SC Johnson Updates “A Family Company” Tagline to Reflect Purpose


SC Johnson

SC Johnson long has prided itself on a sense of environmental stewardship that dates back at least to 1935, when third-generation chief H.F. Johnson Jr. trekked by plane into the Amazon jungle to search for a sustainable supply of the carnauba wax that was crucial to the company’s main product.

The Wisconsin-based, family-owned manufacturer of Windex, Glade, Drano, Ziploc, Pledge ands Johnson Wax is boosting its sustainability commitment with a new brand slogan and a new transparency initiative around the ingredients in its products.

SC Johnson new logo and tagline April 2018

SC Johnson, which since 1998 has referred to itself as “A Family Company,” announced in tandem with its latest sustainability report that it’s expanding its tagline so that it’s now known as “A Family Company at Work for a Better World.”

SC Johnson, which since 1998 has referred to itself as “A Family Company,” will now be known as “A Family Company at Work for a Better World.” For the global company, it’s not just a tagline—it’s a reminder that SC Johnson holds itself to a higher standard. SC Johnson has built a legacy of trust by demonstrating for decades that it is a family company that works tirelessly to meet the needs of consumers while protecting the planet for generations to come.

“SC Johnson has a long legacy as a family company committed to doing what’s right for our consumers, communities and the environment,” said Fisk Johnson, company chairman and CEO (and a fifth-generation member of the founding family), in a press release. “This is something we have been doing for generations, and we want people to know more about the many ways we are at work for a better world.”

Johnson appears in new online videos that explain the company’s purpose-driven corporate mission, which has led it to be honored to be recognized as a top user of green power by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, among other accolades.

In 2009, it created a website,, for ingredient transparency. Recently expanded to Asia Pacific, the program now reaches over 5 billion consumers in 52 countries around the world.

It’s also reducing manufacturing wastes for landfills and cutting greenhouse-gas emissions. In 2001 it created an industry-leading program called Greenlist, which evaluates the potential impact on people and the environment of every product ingredient.

This year’s report furthers its efforts, including (for the first time) disclosing the scientific criteria for the Greenlist ingredient selection program. People can see, in detail, the care that goes into choosing each of the ingredients in SC Johnson products. The program is centered around a peer-reviewed, four-step evaluation of each ingredient, looking at both hazards and risks in ingredient selection and concentration.

SC Johnson’s process has disallowed its use of more than 200 unique raw materials in roughly 90 material categories, and more than 2,400 fragrance materials. These substances meet all regulatory requirements, and the company could use them. They “are often used by other companies in the industry,” SC Johnson said. “But they simply do not meet” its standards.

Last fall, the company expanded its ingredient-transparency program to it Asia-Pacific region. Also in 2017, SC Johnson disclosed the presence of 368 skin allergens that may occur in its products—including ingredients that other companies use as well but whose presence they don’t disclose. There are no rules in the US requiring allergen transparency.

“Now more than ever, consumers demand transparency from breands and we always try to be one step ahead to lead the industry to higher standards,” Johnson said. “The change we’ve made to our tagline reflects how we’re going above and beyond to give consumers what they need to make the best choices for their families.”


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