Gender-Neutral Boy Scouts Will Rebrand to BSA in 2019


Boy Scouts drop boy for BSA

Oh, boy. The 108-year-old Boy Scouts of America has announced to rebrand to Scouts BSA, dropping “Boy” from its name as it gets ready to welcome girls next year. The “Scout Me In” campaign press release is just the first of the gender-neutral messaging touchpoints it’s rolling out.

The new brand identity guide in the revamped organization’s first ever Brand Center talks about crafting “messages that kids will want to hang on their bedroom walls.” In the introductory video above, the message alludes to the big changes: “As we continue to tell our story in traditional methods and new and exciting formats, consistency in the application of our core brand elements will be more important than ever.”

Reaction on social media, as you might guess, was swift and for the most part, unfavorable. “Destined to be taught as an example of ‘what not to do when rebranding”; for years to come,” Inc.’s Bill Murphy Jr. commented. Fox News was offended.

Confusing matters, the master brand for the umbrella organization that runs the new BSA along with the Cub Scouts will still be called the Boy Scouts of America.  The new Scout Me In campaign rolling out now aims to create awareness for the rebranding and new gender-inclusive policy coming to scouting in America.

“Smart, Confident Girls”

The Girl Scouts, meanwhile, are remaining steadfastly girls-only, and couldn’t resist highlighting on GSUSA’s social channels why girls don’t need boys in their ranks:

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