Kroksbäck Kids: Vans Kicks Off Final Leg of 2018 Global Brand Campaign


Vans Krossback Kids / Malmo Sweden

2018 is a pivotal year for Vans marketing, with the final Vans Warped Tour launching on June 21. It’s also now launching the final chapter of the This Is Off The Wall 2018 global brand campaign with “Kroksbäck Kids” which examines skateboarding’s impact on youth culture and how it can build a community and includes a global effort to work with charities to collect and giveaway skateboards around the world.

It follows on the earlier chapters of the 2018 global campaign—“Girls Skate India” and “Vision Walk”—with sights, sounds and stories from around the world. In keeping with This Is Off The Wall, the chapter tells compelling digital narratives that shine a light on the types of creativity Vans has supported since its inception. To engage fans, it provides experiences that inspire communities to discover their own definition of “Off The Wall.”

In previous years, Vans brand campaigns have focused on storytelling, but this year each storytelling element also includes an activation piece bringing that story to life. How Vans is using storytelling paired with live activations to drive continued business growth with “Kroksbäck Kids”?

Through a series of shortform storytelling, it follows Vans athletes Tony Trujillo, Chris Pfanner, Cyres Wang, Karl Berglind and Stefani Nurding as they visit the park and skate with the locals, illustrating how skateboarding can empower an individual while bridging gaps all at once. The park’s existence has built a stronger sense of community; encouraging local kids to pick up skateboarding for the first time and render the skatepark their second home.

As a testament to its commitment to promoting the culture of skateboarding worldwide, Vans will donate a second built-to-spec park terrain skatepark in Brazil later this year, further enabling a “path to pro” for emerging skate communities everywhere. Additionally, Vans is taking a step further and working with local charities to collect skateboards around the world, removing the only economic barrier to skateboarding and giving youth the resources they need to skate anywhere in the world.

“Vans loves skateboarding and we are thrilled when we can provide a place for a scene to grow and flourish,” said Jamie Reilly, Vans Vice President of Global Creative. “Leaving the park behind really changed things for the kids in that neighborhood and its inspiring to see the community they built around that park.”

In 2016, Vans partnered with city officials in Malmö, Sweden to donate the world’s first-ever built-to-spec park terrain construction as part of the inaugural year of the Vans Park Series. The legacy skatepark and the competition series brought in professional skateboarders from around the world highlighting an expert level of athleticism the neighborhood had yet to experience.

Vans Malmo Sweden skatepark

With a new skatepark cemented in the city, skateboarding has remained synonymous with the Kroksbäck community, inspiring the underserved Sweden district to pick up a board and learn something new. What followed were countless stories of local youth coming to the park, meeting new friends and discovering a mutual path grounded by creative expression through skateboarding. “I feel like skateparks are magic,” said Stefani Nurding, Vans Europe Skate Team Rider. “They really bring people together.”

2018 is a pivotal year for Vans from a marketing experience. It’s the final year for the

The storytelling + experiential campaigns express the goals of the 2018 global brand campaign for Vans, which is to explore what “Off The Wall” means through a series of digital narratives and global events that bolster the various art forms Vans has supported since its inception.

Vans is VF’s largest and fastest-growing brand and just experienced a record quarter with 39% increase in brand revenue during VF’s transition period—validating the value of authentic, customer-centric campaigns like this as a foundation for continued success.