The Big Mac at 50: A Global Snapshot of McDonald’s Big Mac Lovin’


McDonald's Australia Big Mac 50th

The Big Mac hamburger was introduced by McDonald’s in its Pittsburgh market in the U.S. in 1967 and across America in 1968, which is considered its official launch—and which means it’s turning 50 this year. Its fans include G-SHOCK in Japan, which released a limited edition watch that resembles the iconic burger.

Japan G-SHOCK limited edition McDonald's Big Mac tribute

The signature sandwich’s half-century is being celebrated pretty much everywhere McDonald’s operates worldwide:

As part of its 50th Big Mac celebration McDonald’s Australia is introducing a limited edition ‘Grand Big Mac’ of Australians’ favorite burger with bigger buns and bigger patties, as DDB Sydney celebrates in the retro ad above and with this spot:

As for how other markets are showing love to the Big Mac, Americans have been urged to “rediscover the love” with the Big Mac Trio campaign:

Canada brought bacon to its Mac Lovin’:

Brazil released a Big Mac Can with Coca-Cola:

The British bow to the Big Mac’s 50th ran in the first quarter:

Portugal celebrated “50 anos” with these spots:

Pakistan held a vote for its promo:

Belgium’s witty shout-out:

Spain images the future:

Sweden’s tribute:

The Wall Street Journal‘s profile of the Big Mac’s Pittsburgh-based creator, McDonald’s franchisee Jim Delligatti, who died at 98 in 2016:


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