Adding Fizz and Going Social, Kool-Aid Sparklers Woos Teens


Kool-Aid Sparklers

Just in time for summer, Kraft Heinz is launching a sparkling version of its iconic Kool-Aid brand and unleashing a marketing campaign for new Kool-Aid Sparklers via every digital and social means imaginable to try to capture the brand’s elusive pre-teen and young-teen target market.

Boomers will remember Kool-Aid as a sugary summertime treat, but the decades have provided lots of competition for the brand, ranging from bottled water to juices packed with nutrients as well as sweetness.

Kraft Heinz decided to fight back by infusing Kool-Aid with one of the hippest beverage treatments going these days: carbonation. New Sparkling Kool-Aid comes in a sleek can and, the brand says, 50% less sugar than regular soda drinks.

In the campaign creative, the Kool-Aid Man—that anthropomorphized glass pitcher of red Kool-Aid—is depicted getting fizzy at a concert, in a mall and in a park. Whether it’s a drone or massage chair creating the action, the effect is to add effervescence to his persona. The attending young teens are fascinated.

Kool-Aid also is bringing its sparkling message to social platforms including Snapchat, with two new interactive lenses, and with GIFs, which will drive exposure to pre-teens and teens.