Volkswagen’s Arty Jetta Haus Pop-Ups Make Test Drives Fun


Volkswagen Jetta Haus

Combining experiential marketing and the artistic influences of the Bauhaus, Volkswagen injected some life into the test drive while promoting the official launch of the 2019 Jetta with Jetta Haus, a series of pop-ups across this U.S. that wrapped up this past weekend. Imagine if Andy Warhol’s Factory offered test drives and you get the idea.

Volkswagen Jetta Haus

After kicking off in Chicago and Miami on May 9th, the Jetta Haus experience continued its cross-country tour with three-day stops in New York and Los Angeles this past weekend, featuring live music, DJ sets, local visual artists and closed course test drives.

As part of Volkswagen’s 2019 Jetta push, Volkswagen of America designed the Jetta Haus series of pop-up events to engage the senses with a sensory overload to engage the public. Celebrating the launch of the all-new 2019 Volkswagen Jetta, the event created an Instagram-ready salon of experiences an opportunity for members of the public to get behind the wheel on a closed course and experience the vehicle’s turbocharged performance, modern style and available premium BeatsAudio sound.

Volkswagen Jetta Haus New York

Open to the public and free to attend, Jetta Haus festivities also included SiriusXM broadcasts, live music from up and coming performers, including Interscope and Red Bull Records artists (in NY); DJ sets from SiriusXM and Beats by Dr. Dre talent; snacks and treats; beverages provided by Red Bull; arcade games; and an interactive Betta Lab art experience, which invited visitors to help create a Jetta art car using Sharpie markers.

Volkswagen Jetta Haus art car

Based on Volkswagen’s award-winning MQB architecture, the 2019 Jetta dons a new sophisticated coupe-like exterior design, offers impressive interior space, competitive fuel economy and upscale technology features, from available automatic cruise control to available 10-color ambient lighting. The all-new Jetta goes on sale this month, starting at $18,545, which is lower than the previous model.

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“Every generation of Jetta, since its introduction in 1979, was built pragmatically to meet the needs of drivers of the time. Now in its seventh generation, the 2019 Jetta is bigger, more refined, packs the latest technologies, and is offered at a price point more attractive than ever,” said Derrick Hatami, EVP, Sales and Marketing, Volkswagen of America, Inc.

“The Jetta Haus events allow drivers to experience the progression of Jetta in a way that captures the vehicleís vibrancy and timeless fun-to-drive appeal. We are excited to connect with guests across the cities at our open house party.”

Rounding out the full Jetta Haus experience is the Volkswagen Betta Lab, an interactive art exhibition inspired by Jetta’s available 10-color ambient lighting and premium BeatsAudio sound that takes attendees on a sensory journey through light, sound and motion.

More from the LA/NY events, as captured by fans:

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