PayPal Brings Experiential Pop Art Pop-Up to the Big Apple


PayPal pop-up event / New York June 2018

The love affair between brands and pop-ups, an experiential retail industry reportedly worth more than $50 billion, continues.

Bringing to life how everyday purchases can turn into something extraordinary using credit card rewards points, PayPal’s Cash ‘n Back pop-up is coming to New York for 48 hours, on June 8th and 9th. PayPal has hosted other pop-up events in Manhattan before, including a 2011 activation for its mobile payment platform. This time around, it’s promoting its new-ish cash-back card with Mastercard.

Inspired by the bodegas (corner shops) that New Yorkers know and love for everyday purchases, the Cash ‘n Back pop-up store at 201 Mulberry Street in Nolita—will offer a clever twist on the convenience store experience by turning it into an experiential art exhibition.

The Instagram-worthy event will feature exclusive art from local and digital artists, with poppy bold colors and themes reminiscent of the pop art movement that the city gave birth to the 1960s. The goal: “We’re showing New Yorkers some of the ways everyday purchases can turn into something extraordinary at our new interactive art exhibit.”

The inspiration for this instant art happening came from PayPal research. The company recently polled Americans on their everyday purchases and how they would spend an additional $500 to represent the money they can earn with the PayPal Cashback Mastercard. Over half (55%) reported spending the most on restaurants/food; when asked where they would spend an extra $500, nearly half (46%) said they would use it for clothing, shoes or accessories.

PayPal partnered with a group of creators to bring these survey findings to life and “celebrate the PayPal Cashback Mastercard’s power to transform everyday purchases into something extraordinary”: Digital art by Vanessa McKeown and Stephen McMennamy; and colorful installations by makers Alexis Jesup of Colors Collective, Emily Buckner of FLWR Studio and Lori and Kathleen of Nix + Gerber Studio.

Click here to register, and bring a friend and an appetite for the extraordinary to enjoy unique digital and physical artwork, refreshments and live music at this one-day event.


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