Samsung and ALICE Release a Smartwatch for the Hotel Industry


Samsung x ALICE smartwatch for hospitality industry

The mobile hospitality app ALICE allows hotels to manage the customer experience and handle requests to create a seamless, connected customer service. In fact, ALICE is an acronym for A Life Improving Customer Experience—not the housekeeper in The Brady Bunch, if you were wondering.

It’s now introducing, with Samsung, a smartwatch solution for the hotel industry. Samsung Gear S3 smartwatches embedded with ALICE will improve staff communications, speed responsiveness to guests and enhance customer service in a debut with a luxury hotelier, the Viceroy Hotel Group.

Launching on the wrists of staff at the Viceroy L’Ermitage Beverly Hills hotel, the new connected, LTE-capable smartwatches will assist hotel employees in key operations such as housekeeping, maintenance and bellman service.

For example, when a guest request or urgent need arises (such as towel delivery or luggage pickup), hotel employees will receive silent vibration alerts via the smartwatch. The appropriate employee can respond to and accept the task with a tap of the smartwatch, informing other staff that someone is attending to the guest.

ALICE and Samsung smartwatch for hotel industry

Managers can efficiently track tasks in real-time until service is completed. The technology also eliminates risks of dropping devices on the job, silences disruptive radio communications and does away with hotel ‘corkboard’ check-ins.

“This smartwatch solution from Samsung and ALICE provides a compelling tool for hotels, whose employees are often mobile, and require durable, hands-free operation for completing day-to-day tasks,” said Eric McCarty, Vice President, B2B Mobile Product Marketing, Samsung Electronics America. “With capabilities such as Samsung Knox built in, hotels not only have a wearable that keeps employees connected, but can be securely managed to meet specific business needs.”

“In the true spirit of connection, it’s been exhilarating to bring together two leaders in their respective industries to help discover new ways to create game-changing solutions that will advance the hotel industry,” added Darren Clark, Vice President of Technology at Viceroy Hotel Group. “We are excited to be an intrinsic part of the creative process by finding ways to make the smartwatch an integral, productive part of our strategy, and provide our team with seamless, real-time communications with guests.”

Samsung and ALICE’s hands-free solution is ideal for hotel staff who need to handle objects and complete tasks with both hands, while keeping eyes focused on nearby guests. This includes maintenance workers on a two-handed repair job, room service carrying trays and housekeeping handling cleaning devices and who do not have instant access to phones.

“Samsung and ALICE are not just delivering a watch as an access point into the hotel’s infrastructure,” said Alex Shashou, President of ALICE. “We are providing three main benefits to hotels, including returning time to the staff so they have more time to execute better service. We are giving the staff back their hands, so there is one less thing to carry or break. And with a hands-free wearable as their main communications tool, we are restoring eye contact to hospitality – enabling the smile between guest and hotelier that has so long meant hospitality.”

ALICE helps personnel across the hotel improve and monitor responsiveness, a key component of service in the hospitality industry, where most requests are interruption-driven and ongoing preventative tasks are superseded by reactive customer requests. Completing even mundane tasks—from fixing a clogged toilet to providing special VIP service—must be attended to in a responsive, quick matter to ensure success.

The ALICE and Samsung wearable is intended for staff, unlike—for example—the Ocean Medallion wearable that Carnival Cruises debuted at CES 2017.

ALICE is showcasing its new Samsung Gear smartwatch and more solutions, including voice controls for Amazon Alexa with Volara, in-room digital signage and more at the upcoming HITEC 2018 event in Houston:


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