British Airways Refreshes Star-Studded Flight Safety Video


British Airways 2018 safety video - Michael Caine and Asim Chaudhry

Airlines’ in-flight safety videos are a tried-and-trued platform to communicate life-saving information while also engaging customers with some of the brand’s personality. From Air New Zealand’s Lord of the Rings epic to Air France’s toujours chic efforts to Delta’s meme-packed pre-flight film to the “Safety Dance” by Virgin America (RIP), the pantheon of memorable in-flight videos also included British Airways.

Last year BA showed its ongoing support for the UK’s popular red-nose charity Comic Relief with an airline safety video featuring stars including Thandie Newton, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Gordon Ramsay, Sir Ian McKellen, Warwick Davis, Rob Brydon, Jim Broadbent, Gillian Anderson and Rowan Atkinson.

British comedian Asim Chaudhry plays the film’s director as “Chabuddy G,” a character he originated on YouTube before turning it into the BBC’s BAFTA-winning People Just Do Nothing series.

The film attracted more than 25 million views across YouTube and BA’s social media channels.

Now it’s refreshing that campaign with a new version and set of stars for a campaign that launches on-board in late July on short haul routes and early August on long haul routes:

This time around its iconic British celebrities including Sir Michael Caine, David Walliams, Olivia Colman and Joanna Lumley for the star-studded pre-flight safety video. Seven celebs in all ‘audition’ in sketches that also communicate important safety messages.

British Airways 2018 safety video - Asim Chaudhry

The new video kicks off with Chaudhry stating:

“After the success of last year’s inflight safety video, lots more ‘actors’ have been in touch, being like Chabuddy please let us be part of the sequel—pathetic, really, you know. And sure, they’ve got their BAFTAs, they’ve got their Oscars—but what they really want, is a SISTA—the Society of Inflight Safety Training Awards. They all want to get their hands on the golden wings! I quite fancy some wings actually – can someone go to the chicken shop?”

British Airways has supported Comic Relief since 2010 with the creation of a global charity called Flying Start that has raised more than £17.8 million (more than USD$23.5 million). The partnership between BA and Comic Relief has supported more than half a million children across the UK, and some of the world’s poorest communities, to date.


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