World Cup: Budweiser Light-Up Cups Vibrate for Deaf and Blind Fans


Budweiser Red Light cups World Cup 2018 vibrate for deaf and blind fans

You may have read about the deaf and blind Brazilian soccer fan who has been able to follow the 2018 FIFA World Cup thanks to a friend who has doubled as his interpreter, acting out the action by recreating plays with his hands. Or the deaf and blind Colombian futbol fan with a similarly big-hearted pal.

It turns out that Budweiser caught such stories, too, and decided to make its 2018 World Cup interactive beer cups that light up when activated by noise do more to share the experience and be inclusive.

The special celebration cups now light up and vibrate to transmit the energy of each match to deaf and blind fans.

As Budweiser puts it, “To celebrate the World Cup we created a cup that lights up with fan energy. But after meeting Jose, Sergio, and Allen we made a modification. Although they cannot see the game, they feel it as much as any fan.”

The humanity of soccer fans and friends inspired the Budweiser brand stewards to show their humanity and turn the World Cup into the World’s Cup:

The “Light Up the FIFA World Cup” Budweiser Red Light Cup expands on an earlier goal-triggered cup created by Budweiser for hockey fans:

The 2018 FIFA World Cup activation was its biggest rollout to date, with more than 8 million Red Light cups created for distribution to more than 50 countries. The goal—to embody and respond to the euphoric energy of fans. Unlike any other FIFA World Cup cup that has come before, the Budweiser Red Light Cups are noise-activated, lighting up to visibly display fans’ excitement and energy with increased frequency as their cheering and clapping gets louder to match the action on the pitch.

For fans in Russia, every beer purchased at official 2018 FIFA World Cup stadiums will be served in a Red Light Cup, and for fans around the world, the Red Light Cups will be featured at each of Budweiser’s global viewing parties and events and available with purchase of special Budweiser packs. There will be more than 70 variations of the cup, including cups for every match throughout the tournament and in a variety of languages.

A look back at Budweiser’s Light Up the World Cup campaign:

…includes taking a giant cup on the road:

…dispatching drones:

…and challenging fans to stay silent in order to win tickets. Now it’s giving a voice to fans who don’t want to stay silent, even if they can’t see or hear the action.


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