Coppertone Refreshes With a Sunburst and #ProventoProtect Vow


Coppertone new packaging and visual identity by Interbrand 2018

Coppertone has been providing sun care protection to adults and children across the world since 1944, not to mention giving a three-year-old Jodie Foster her big Hollywood break when she appeared in a TV commercial (that she didn’t even audition for) in 1965.

Now a new visual identity—that launched in time to support another Hollywood icon, The Incredibles, on their sophomore outing—is underlining Coppertone’s own superhero powers.

Coppertone - The Incredible 2 - new logo and packaging

With competition tougher than ever, including from Amazon’s private label sunscreen, Coppertone’s traditional approach of offering high quality sun care at an attractive price was no longer enough to  shield it from rivals. A sunburst of pride and strength underlies its confident new brand—its U.S. relaunch hashtag is #ProventoProtect—and a future so bright, its competitors will need shades.

Coppertone - new logo and visual identity by Interbrand 2018

In addition to the sunny new packaging and visual identity, the Bayer-owned brand needed a new story that would articulate what made it unique, along with a portfolio strategy that draws on its heritage, supports the current offering and lays the groundwork for future innovation.

The global solution laid in blending Coppertone’s heritage as ‘the sun care expert’ with a refreshing, modern identity. The brand’s distinctive, nostalgic assets have been paired with new, distinguishing assets to generate stronger brand ownership, while retaining Coppertone’s iconic vibrancy and positivity.

Coppertone - new logo and visual identity by Interbrand 2018

The on-pack navigation experience has been updated with a benefit-led approach to messaging. The new global identity and portfolio has launched across the U.S. (followed by Brazil), representing two of the brand’s largest markets. Coppertone now occupies a distinctive space within the category as the only sun care expert with an established 74-year reputation and a progressive, modern feel.

“The brand’s heritage holds an iconic status in the minds of its consumers, but on the shelf, it was missing the target on impact and dominance against competitors,” said Sue Daun, Executive Creative Director for Interbrand London, which conceived the new look and feel and executed the refreshed brand messaging and packaging.

Coppertone - new logo and visual identity by Interbrand 2018

“The shift to harnessing the yellow burst of sun across all ranges helped unify the story of living well under the sun. This, coupled with a clear on-pack architecture that reinforces the brand equity, builds a system that futureproofs the brand for range growth, in addition to delivering a solution that is globally consistent, but more importantly, wears its personality on the pack.”

Part of the new Coppertone story: “There’s nothing quite like a sunny day outdoors, the kind that draws out everyone in the neighborhood to smile and say ‘Hello!’ and reconnect with one another. Because sunshine brings people together—and at Coppertone, we understand that better than anyone.”


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